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Traditions and taboos in The Gambia

Philip Briggs sheds some light on some of the beliefs and taboos held in The Gambia.

Life on the RMS St Helena

Until the opening of the airport on St Helena, this was the only way of reaching the remote island. 

Sailing, surfing and windsurfing

Cape Verde has become an international windsurfing and kitesurfing destination.

The tribes of Kenya

Kenya is one of the world's most ethnically diverse countries.

The Khoisan

There is not another social group on this planet which has been studied more than the Khoisan.

The Konso

Philip Briggs writes about the Konso communities in Ethiopia.

The Omo Valley

The people of the Omo Valley are deeply African in every sense. 

Scar hunting

Feeding time for the nomads.

Old Man: the end of a reign

When the time came, Old Man would have to fight for his pride, and maybe his life.

Fell running in the Yorkshire Dales

Mike Bagshaw explores the popularity of fell running in the Yorkshire Dales. 

Five reasons to visit São Tomé & Príncipe

From exploring plantations to catching a glimpse of the ibis, the islands of São Tomé & Príncipe have so much more to offer…

The unique wildlife of Galápagos

Four of the most diverse animals of the Galápagos Archipelago, ranging from the iconic giant tortoise to the more unusual marine iguana. 

Bizarre animals

An insight into some of the world's most bizarre and intriguing animals. Be it the frilled lizard, the short-beaked echidna or the…

My Perfect Day in Cornwall competition – winner

The winner of our My Perfect Day in Cornwall competition is announced! 

Sounds of our Shores

This summer the National Trust, British Library and National Trust for Scotland are aiming to complete a sound map of the UK's…

Video: A Glimpse of Eternal Snows

Watch and listen as author Jane Wilson-Howarth reads the opening pages of her book, A Glimpse of Eternal Snows.

The Slow ethos

The word ‘Slow’ is used a lot these days in terms of travel – but what does it actually mean?

Five reasons to visit Dumfries and Galloway

Individuality and authenticity are what make Dumfries and Galloway so appealing.

Luxembourg: a UNESCO tour

For such a small country, Luxembourg has a far richer history and culture than you might think.  

Mission improbable

The following anecdote is taken from Bob’s diary in 1976, from an overland trip on which he was a client. This extract was…

Cappadocia – for underground cities, cave churches & sunrise hot-air balloon rides

Take to the skies, explore underground cities and sleep in cave, all in one weekend. 

Secret Britain – sites to savour in Yorkshire

BBC's Ellie Harrison and Adam Henson seek out the hidden sites few tourists see.

Interview with Hilary Bradt

To celebrate the release of her new Slow Travel North Devon & Exmoor guide, we chat to Hilary Bradt about the region and what…

Interview with Donald Greig and Darren Flint

We chat to Donald and Darren, authors of our new Slow Travel Dumfries & Galloway guide, about their tips for travel writing…

Interview with Kirsty Fergusson

We chat to Kirsty Fergusson, author of our Slow Travel Cornwall guide, about the county and her best-ever Cornish pasty. 

Foraging in Dumfries and Galloway

Resident forager Mark Williams shares some advice on foraging in the region.

The Metropolitan Filaret comes to town

Nigel Roberts visited Vetka in 2001 to attend the consecration of its new Orthodox Church.

Bathhouse culture

The bathhouse is a distinct feature of rural Belarusian life.

Interview with Levison Wood

In 2014, Levison Wood became the first man in history to walk the length of the River Nile. We chat to Lev…

Ebola – the truth

Philip Briggs, who lives in Africa and is author of over a dozen Bradt guidebooks, discusses the reality of the ebola risk.

Zanzibar doors

Zanzibar's spectacular doorways will make you travel through time. 

Eccentrics on New Year’s Eve

The year end sees Britain's most violent, dramatic and colourful ceremonies. 

2015 Calendar: European Capital of Culture

Over 300 events will take place in and around Mons in 2015, as it is a European Capital of Culture.

Where to go in December

Whether it’s carnivals, ghost towns or turkey soup that you’re after, here’s where to head in December.

Where to go in November

All the most exciting places to visit this November.

Where, when and how to look for invertebrates

Find out where to see Madagascar's incredible invertebrates with our handy guide.

Wandering Jumbos

Hikers in Malolotja’s Nakomati Valley were surprised to find steaming mounds of dung splattered across the trail

Britain from the Rails Press Release

New title for November 2014 – Britain from the Rails by Benedict le Vay

Gabon press release

New title for October 2014 – Gabon by Annelies Hickendorff

A student in Soviet Estonia

Tina Tamman talks about student life in Soviet Tartu.

Nine lives?

Mike Unwin recounts some hits and misses experienced by eSwatini wildlife.

Hip, hippo, hooray!

In March 2011, Matt McGinn, manager of Mbuluzi Game Reserve, faced an unusual dilemma.