Weird and wonderful

The world’s creepiest destinations

How brave do you think you are?

Going underground: the world’s best caves

This isn’t one for claustrophobes.

Khan Shatyr Nur-Sultan Kazakhstan by udmurd Shutterstock

UFOs and iced churches: the world’s most unusual buildings

“Ooh look, a rhombicuboctahedron!”

A royal weekend: Prince Philip and the Nelsons

Following their remarkable adventure on the Galápagos Islands, Bryan and June Nelson encountered Prince Philip once again – this time in the Scottish wilds.

Better than blossoms: Japan’s Kuroshima Cow Festival

Arm-wrestling cats, defecating cattle and the chance to win your very own cow – Jo Davey takes the bull by the horns at this quintessentially Japanese bovine festival.

Festival fun: the most unusual championships in England

Forget football or horse-racing, when it comes to competitions, these unassuming villages like to do things a little differently.

All fired up: England’s bizarre bonfire night traditions

From flaming torches to blazing tar barrels.

Highgate Cemetery London © Heritage Daily, Wikimedia Commons

London’s creepiest attractions

A tour of the city’s most grisly places …

Pug life: Food hall for dogs to open in Bournemouth

Bournemouth’s once-famous Bobby & Co department store is set to reopen at the end of July, with Verve Properties, an ethical property company, working to give the building a new leash of life. The first phase of the pupgrade project will see the opening of DROOL, the world’s first food hall devoted entirely to dogs.…

Museum of Brands London by Museum of Brands Wikimedia Commons

The quirkier the better: England’s most eccentric museums

From a lawnmower shrine to walls lined with cuckoo clocks – and everything in between.