Information for booksellers

You can download our 2020 trade catalogue here. 

Please note: our 2020 publication schedule has been severely disrupted by the Covid-19 crisis. We’ll post a revised schedule here very shortly. If your require more up-to-date information in the meantime, please get in touch

UK Travel promotion – summer 2020

We’re offering enhanced terms to booksellers on all our UK travel list during July 2020. You can download a complete list of our UK titles here.

Advance Information Sheets (AIs)

This page will be updated shortly.

On this page you will find downloadable Advance Information sheets (AIs) for our forthcoming new titles. You can also find a complete order form and an Out of Print list here:

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Nearly 70% of our regular guidebooks have no direct competition. They are to destinations which other travel publishers either don’t cover at all or include as a small part of a larger region. You can find a list of our unique destinations, and also those where we have the most recently-published guide, here:





Cover images

Below are ZIP files of our cover images, saved as RGB files and named by ISBN. For CMYK files, or titles prior to 2016, please contact 






 Translation and other rights

Translation and other rights are available in most of our titles.

For translation rights in our travel literature titles, please contact Dionel Corona at Crown International Rights:

For all other enquiries, please contact