Information for booksellers and the media

We’ve got a new catalogue! For the first time since 2020 we’ve been able to produce a trade catalogue and it feels good to be back. It contains information on all our new books for 2023 plus a complete backlist. You can download it here.

If you’re a bookshop and you’d like a hard copy of the catalogue you can order it from GBS with the ISBN 9781804691212.

Or drop us a line and we’ll post you a copy from the office.

Meanwhile, please see below for downloadable AIs and covers for the first half of the year.

If you’d like to be notified when I post updates to the page, please email me at: I send out updates roughly once a quarter.








Cover images

Below are our cover images, saved as RGB files and named by ISBN. For CMYK files, or titles prior to 2016, please contact

Our reputation is for publishing guides to places not covered by other publishers, and over two-thirds of our guidebooks remain unique to us. You can read more about which of our guides have no direct competition, and which are the most recently published here.

Translation and other rights

Translation, audio, large print and braillie rights are available in most of our books. For rights in our travel literature titles, please contact The Helen Edwards Rights Agency:

For all other rights, please contact Hugh Brune: