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Well, it’s been quite a year, hasn’t it…

Thanks for checking in to our booksellers’ page. I hope you’re safe and well and, if you’re looking at new travel books, this means you’ve managed to chart a course through these toughest of times.

Our publishing schedule is still recovering from the ravages of the Covid pandemic, but I’ll post updates here as and when I have them. And if you’re not yet signed up to my irregular booksellers’ newsletters and would like to be, please email me at:

We won’t be producing our usual trade catalogue for 2021. We don’t have the funds at present, and our programme is still highly uncertain.

AIs and covers for the first quarter of next year are available to download below.

Essentially, we plan to publish new UK guides and new travel writing in the first half of the year (we’ve got some good ones!). There will be the occasional overseas guide – ones that were in production pre-Covid, where stocks are low of the previous edition – but not too many.

We then hope to return to guide book publishing in earnest in the second half of the year. We’re confident than when things do finally open up again, there will be a distinct shift towards our kind of travel: responsible, thoughtful and off the beaten track. We have ambitious plans for the medium-term future, including a new look for our guides which we hope to launch next year.

So keep the faith. It’s not all over for independent travel publishing.

Thanks for your support.

Advance Information Sheets (AIs)

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Unique guides

Our reputation is for publishing guides to places not covered by other publishers, and over two-thirds of our guidebooks remain unique to us. You can read more about which of our guides have no direct competition, and which are the most recently published, here.

Translation and other rights

Translation and other rights are available in most of our titles.

For translation rights in our travel literature titles, please contact Dionel Corona at Crown International Rights:

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