Photographer of the Month

Celebrating and showcasing the world’s best photographers

Are you a budding or professional photographer with a story to tell? Perhaps you would like to showcase your portfolio, share your favourite shots with our audience, or pass on some pearls of wisdom? Apply to be Bradt Guides’ Photographer of the Month (PotM)!

Our PotM series showcases the works of some of our the world’s best photographers across our website and social media channels.

In terms of content, the campaign will be split into two parts:

  1. We’ll create a themed photo article in which you select some of your favourite shots from your travels, along with short captions that explain your choices and give ‘how-to’ tips for budding photographers.
  2. We then use these individual photos and captions on our social media accounts.

Recent PotM articles

Landscapes through the lens: the world in pictures

A tour of some of the world's finest landscapes.

Photographing birds: A traveller’s guide

Wildlife journalist Mike Unwin shares his advice for getting the most out of your avian photography.

Pictures from the paintbox: Exploring countries through colour

Mesmerised by colour and art since childhood, writer Jo Davey sees countries through a colourful lens.

“All work and no play…”: Paul Sharman

Our Photographer of the Month is "always on the lookout for spontaneous photo opportunities as they often help to tell a local story".

In photos: the Maasai & East Africa

How the Maasai, wildlife and tourism co-exist together on the plains of East Africa.

An ode to cityscapes: Julian Elliott

Our Photographer of the Month goes in search of different vantage points from which to shoot the world's most visited cities.

Photography for a purpose: Bharat Patel

Bharat's work helps him to document issues that are close to his heart.

Photography at the end of the world: Nicole Smoot

Our Photographer of the Month uses her work to foster understanding of cultures so different to our own.

Poignant pictures: Mathias Falcone

Our Photographer of the Month is always on a quest to capture a true portrait of wherever he may be.

“When I’m working with my camera, I’m in my happy place”

We talk to Bella Falk of Passport & Pixels — our Photographer of the Month

The little things: photographing Madagascar’s miniature wonders

Travel and wildlife photographer Daniel Austin shares the stories behind his incredible shots of Madagascar's miniature creatures

Otherworldly landscapes: a photo story

Photographer of the Month Nickolas Warner shares his favourite alien landscapes from his travels.

Photographer of the Month application

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