Photographer of the Month

Are you a budding or professional photographer with a story to tell? Perhaps you would like to showcase your portfolio, share your favourite shots with our audience, or pass on some pearls of wisdom? Apply to be our Photographer of the Month (PotM)!

Bradt’s Photographer of the Month series showcases the works of some of our the world’s best photographers across our website an social media channels.

In terms of content, the campaign will be split into two parts:

  1. We’ll create a themed photo article in which you select some of your favourite shots from your travels, along with short captions that explain your choices and give ‘how-to’ tips for budding photographers.
  2. We then use these individual photos and captions on our social media accounts.

We’d make sure your photos were appropriately credited, low-res and watermarked so that they cannot be reused elsewhere.

Recent PotM articles

Maikos, monks and medicine men

We explore the world’s hidden cultures with Simon Urwin, our Photographer of the Month.

Otherworldly landscapes: a photo story

Photographer of the Month Nickolas Warner shares his favourite alien landscapes from his travels.

“Assault on the senses”: Jordan Banks

Sometimes our Photographer of the Month will drive through the night to capture the sunrise.

From lawyers to photographers: let us go photo

Canadian photographers Mark and Naomi share their photos of connections made around the world.

“One location left me utterly spellbound”: Scott Bennett

Our Photographer of the Month, an underwater photography expert, shares his best shots from across the globe.

Photographing Madagascar’s miniature wonders

Travel and wildlife photographer Daniel Austin shares the stories behind his incredible shots of Madagascar's miniature creatures

“I spent five days in the pouring rain!”

Travel photographer Marco Muscarà shares his shots of the world's most off-the-beaten-track places.

From NYC street food to Burmese handicrafts

Documentary photographer Nancy Chuang shares her favourite experiences of daily life around the globe.

Photographer of the Month application

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