About our ebooks

The ebooks available to purchase on bradtguides.com come in different formats although not all books are available in all formats. Please make sure you buy and download the correct format for you. Please note these are large files, anything up to 100Mb, so you need a stable and reasonably fast internet connection to download them. 

After you purchase an ebook you will receive an order confirmation with a link, where you can download your ebook on to your computer or other device. You can access your previous orders at any time by logging in and going to “My account”.

We are pleased to be able to make our ebooks available free of digital restrictions so you can easily transfer them onto your favourite device. They do contain a visible watermark which links the ebook to your original order so it can be verified as a legitimate copy and we ask you to respect the copyright and use them for personal use only.

If you want to read your ebook on a smartphone or tablet, we recommend logging in to your account on your device’s internet browser and downloading the ebook directly on to the device. iPad/iPhone users – please use Safari to access your ebooks. We have found that other browsers are currently not compatible with our downloads.

If you experience any issues using a smartphone or tablet, please try downloading your ebook to your desktop computer before contacting us. You may then save the file to a cloud storage service such as Dropbox which can make it easier to transfer to your mobile device but please note that sharing is not permitted.

If you want to read your ebook on an eReader, download the ePUB to your desktop computer, plug in your eReader and drag the eBook file on to the device, just as you would with any other document.


ePUB and MOBI files contain content which moves fluidly between pages meaning that you can increase things like the font size without having to zoom in on the whole page.


You can read ePUB files on any device that is not a Kindle Fire tablet or Kindle eReader. If you have a Windows or Mac computer, or an iOS or Android smartphone/tablet (such as the iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab or Samsung Note), or a non-Kindle eReader (such as the Kobo or Nook) we recommend downloading an ePUB where possible for the best reading experience.

Recommended reading software for ePUBs

  • Adobe Digital Editions – for Windows and Mac computers, and for Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy.
  • Moon+ – for Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy.
  • iBooks – for Mac computers and iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

Please note that the eReader bundled with Microsoft Edge in recent editions of Windows may not show all the content. Try using an alternative such as Adobe Digital Editions as mentioned above.

MOBI for Kindle

If you have a Kindle Fire tablet or Kindle eReader, you will want to buy and download a book with MOBI format available.

If you want to read your eBook using the Kindle app for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Windows Phone, you will also want to buy and download a book with MOBI format available.


Please note that most of our books are not currently available in this format. However a few of our older books are available as PDFs  and most computers, smartphones and tablets come with built-in software that can read them. If you don’t seem to have any built-in software on your computer we recommend trying to install Adobe Reader.

Please note all ebooks made purchasable on the site are intended for personal and individual use only and may not be shared, redistributed or resold, privately or publicly, in any way without prior written consent from Bradt Travel Guides.