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Hope in Pink Meringue

I am greedy. I want to go back to Damascus, but I want to go back as it was before the war, before our screens were filled with its anguish, and before the tormented numbness of old men and young women shattered my sleep. Had I passed some of them in the tiled courtyards and…

Yearning to return to Belgrade

The aisles in my local supermarket had been ravaged. Swathes of stock were missing – toilet rolls, baked beans, washing powder, flour, fresh milk, fruit and veg – and in their place yawned bare white metal shelves. Outside in the car park there was a snaking line of patient people waiting in the spring sunshine…

Gooseberry Hill: A Child Enraptured

“First one to spot a kangaroo gets fifty cents”, my father promised. I arrived, a pale eight-year-old pommy girl, fresh from the elegant and upright confinement of a Georgian townhouse, in Bristol. As a family we sold up, said goodbye to our beloved lurchers Frith and Fred, and rented a sprawling modern house on Gooseberry…

We Saw It All

It’s the beginning of a six week trip through southern Africa; a trip that will end two weeks early with a bout of malaria and an emergency flight home from Nairobi, but we don’t know that yet. For now, we are in Cape Town, and as we get the bus to our hostel from the…

The Officer

The room looked as if it could be a part of a movie set. But the dry mouth, the elevated heart rate, and the washing machine churning its way through my stomach told me that this situation was all too real. I heard the heavy wooden door close behind me as I stepped tentatively into…

Salvation in Surabaya

– “No, no, Surabaya, sit down friends, sit down! “His beaming smile and overt friendliness were frightening. I knew I had to run.  Up to then, I thought I perhaps should have followed my new Indonesian friend when she grabbed her two young daughters and flew out of the door offering the briefest, most understated warning of…