Going underground: the world’s best caves

This isn’t one for claustrophobes.

Cream of the crop: dates in Oman

Socially and economically, the date is the most important fruit crop in Oman.

Traditional treasures: handicrafts in Oman

With artisanal skills handed down from generation to generation, Oman is home to a wealth of handmade crafts.

Oman’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites

With infrastructure and trade routes dating back thousands of years, it comes as no surprise that Oman has claimed five inscriptions on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The real Garden of Eden: Oman’s Dhofar Mountains

A single valley on the edge of Arabia hides one of Oman’s most unexpected corners.

A land of resplendent variety: exploring the best of Oman

It might be a cliché, but there really is something for everybody.

A whale of a time: the world’s best whale-watching destinations

Want to spot a whale in the wild? Then these are the destinations for you.

Sayq Plateau

Part of the pleasure of any visit to Oman’s Al Jabal Al Akhdar, and the Sayq Plateau – the area that surrounds the main…

Wadi An Nakhur

Wadi An Nakhur (also Wadi A’Nakhur, Nakhr) carries on deep into Omani mountains for about 8km to the eponymous An Nakhur village. This wadi is…


The Musandam Peninsula is a paradox. It overlooks one of the world’s busiest and most strategic waterways, the Strait of Hormuz, through which a…

Ash Shisr

Ash Shisr (often just Shisr) is on the edge of the Empty Quarter and the confluence of Wadi Ghadun and Wadi Malhit. The water…

Rustaq Loop

The Rustaq Loop is an inland circuit that travels via Nakhal, Ar Rustaq and Al Hazm, three of Oman’s finest forts. There are several…

Ras Al Jinz

Ras Al Jinz (also spelt Junaiz or Junayz) is about 17km southeast of Ras Al Had. The Ras Al Jinz Scientific Centre was established here in 1996,…


Sur is a coastal town that has played a central role in Oman’s overseas trade with East Africa. Like Sohar, Sur is another Omani…

Wihibah Sands

An overnight in the Wihibah sands might become your most memorable experience of Oman. Choose a moonless night and spend time on your back…