Wadi An Nakhur

Wadi An Nakhur (also Wadi A’Nakhur, Nakhr) carries on deep into Omani mountains for about 8km to the eponymous An Nakhur village. This wadi is more usually known as the Grand Canyon, and grand it certainly is. The drive is bumpy and in places the canyon is but a few metres wide – your car will just squeeze through. Here, at the terminus of the track, is where many of the rugs available for sale along the road to Jabal Shams were woven, in a spectacular setting.

Do be cautious before entering here, as a large water catchment area is directed into this narrow canyon, so entry should not be attempted at any real sign of rain and it may not be passable for weeks after the rain passes; indeed, it may make turning the vehicle around difficult.

The whole setting is monumental and if a drive is not possible, why not walk? The trek could be in total about 10km (without any rock climbing).

The ancient ruins of Ghul village sit on the crest of an outcrop above date plantations and overlooking Wadi An Nakhur. The upper older section may be Persian in origin, while the lower is Arab and like so many settlements in Oman was abandoned after 1970. The colour of the stone is brought to life by the sun towards sunset, and as night approaches the contrast between the eerily empty houses on one side of the valley and the noisily bustling modern village on the hilltop opposite is all the more striking.