In conversation with Maria Pieri

Maria Pieri from National Geographic Traveller (UK) talks us through the highs and lows of travelling with kids and the current trends in family travel

Interview with Gail Simmons

We chat to Gail Simmons about her experience of writing her new book The Country of Larks, a tale of her long-distance walk through the Chilterns from High Wycombe to Tring, following in the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson.

Interview with Jini Reddy

As part of International Women’s Day on 8th March, we chat to woman in travel Jini Reddy – author of part inspirational narrative, part practical guide Wild Times –  about her extraordinary experiences connecting with nature in Britain. 

Interview with James Proctor

We chat to James Proctor, author of our Faroe Islands guidebook, about his first visit to the archipelago and his tips for a perfect 24 hours on the islands. 

Women in Travel: Interview with Pip Stewart

We spoke to Craghoppers Ambassador Pip Stewart about her experiences as a woman in travel. 

An interview with Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent

Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent discusses her experiences with cheetahs and her new book, A Cheetah’s Tale.

An interview with Phoebe Smith

Phoebe Smith, author of Britain’s Best Small Hills, discusses her love of hillwalking and shares her tips on finding the best small hills in Britain. 

Interview with Mark Rowe

We chat to Mark Rowe, author of our guide to the Outer Hebrides, about walking, wildlife, and his favourite place to eat on the islands. 

Interview with Jan Leeming

We chat to newsreader and TV presenter Jan Leeming about her experiences of solo travel.

Interview with Shane Dallas

We chat to Shane Dallas, one of the founders of the Twitter chat #TRLT, about his experiences of solo travel. 

Interview with Adam Balogh

We chat to painter-photographer and avid traveller, Adam Balogh, whose stunning shots feature in many of our guidebooks. 

Interview with John Carter

We chat to John Carter about the reality of travel broadcasting and his love for cruise ships.

Interview with Tom Sykes

We chat to the author of our new pionnering guide to the Ivory Coast

Interview with Ash Dykes

We chat to Ash Dykes, the explorer and expeditioner who has recently become the first man to walk the length of Madagascar. He tells us about how he prepares for his trips, why he chose Madagascar and how not knowing Malagasy saved the life of his guide. 

Interview with Andy Bostock

To celebrate the release of the new edition of our Greece: The Peloponnese guidebook, we chat to author Andy Bostock about he first stumbled on the peninsula and his tips for those visiting.