The world’s best lesser-known wine regions

We’ve all heard of Burgundy and Tuscany, but what about Kosovo and Israel? 

Polar regions

Polar bear

Circumpolar and a decidedly marine mammal, the polar bear’s whole life is associated with the pack ice. Normally living within 200 miles of the shore, polar bears travel as far north as the pole. From east Greenland to Novaya Zemlya there may be 5,000 individuals, 2,000 of them in Svalbard waters. Satellite tracking has shown…

Polar regions

At sea in the Southern Ocean or ashore on the islands and the coast of Antarctica there are birds and seals in glorious abundance. What’s more, they are unafraid of human visitors. It is a magical experience for anyone nurtured in regions where animals long ago learned to fear Man. Tony Soper, author of Antarctica:…