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The 8 Best Places to Go in Europe in Autumn

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year to go on vacation to various cities and countries in Europe. Though the weather is no longer hot, it is not cold either. Prices are often much lower than they are in the height of summer, hotels and guesthouses are much quieter and you can enjoy the most popular tourist sights without the long queues and crowds of tourists. 

For inspiration on where to travel, you can browse YouTube to search for must-see destinations in Europe during the fall – or take a look at our piece on Europe’s hidden gems, which are easily accessible at this time of year. Before you go on your trip, be sure to make an itinerary, as well as pinpoint the sights that you would like to see. 

Here are some of the top European destinations to visit during your autumn vacation. 

Lugano, Switzerland 

The best time to visit this city in southern Switzerland is early October when it hosts a vibrant festival that says goodbye to summer and welcomes the arrival of autumn. This three-day event is a great chance for you to taste the local cuisine as well as sample the area’s fine wines. 

© Antonio Sessa, Unsplash

While you’re in Lugano, be sure to embark on a road trip to explore the country’s sensational scenery – which is particularly beautiful in fall. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands 

© Nastya Dulhiier, Unsplash

Amsterdam is good at any time of the year, but it is particularly romantic in autumn when the leaves turn a  beautiful shade of orange. Be sure to take care of your hotel booking in advance, though, because couples love to come here during this period. 

Thanks to its beautiful canals, bustling cafés and gorgeous architecture, Amsterdam is a very popular destination with photographers and is always a big hit on Instagram. So why not diversify your content to make it stand out from the crowd by making an outstanding video? Beginners should look to use video editing software by Movavi as it is the best and easiest tool to use. 

Edinburgh, Scotland 

© Cameron Gibson, Unsplash

If you are looking for scenery that will take your breath away, then you should stop by the British Isles to visit the capital of Scotland. As a university city, the atmosphere here is lively and a lot of diverse events take place throughout the year, so you won’t be bored. 

Barcelona, Spain 

Barcelona is one city that is perhaps easier to explore in autumn than in summer, as the sun still shines but the intense heat is gradually replaced by a light breeze. The crowds of tourists that frequent the beaches and boulevards have returned home, so you can enjoy all the sights at your own pace without any rush. 

© Marco Montero Pisani, Unsplash

This is another Instagram-worthy destinations, so of you’re going to have a photoshoot in this magnificent city, make sure you bring a smartphone stabilizer to ensure the quality of your photos is top-notch. 

Ghent, Belgium 

© Christian Lue, Unsplash

Many people have not heard of this city in northwest Belgium, but it will undoubtedly charm you from the moment you arrive. It is an excellent destination to explore on a guided walking tour, as the city harmoniously combines architectural masterpieces with more modern buildings.  

Hannover, Germany 

The largest city in Lower Saxony, Hannover is primarily known as a business hub, as throughout the year various international exhibitions and events are held here. However, it is also an excellent destination for travelers who love to go shopping and also those looking to get their culture fix. 

© op23, Unsplash

It is possible to explore the city’s attractions on a guided day trip, covering everything from getting up close to its historic architecture to learning more about its wonderful green credentials with a visit to its many park areas, which feature both natural and artificial reservoirs. 

Florence, Italy 

If you are looking for a warm place to relax in the fall, then Florence is your best shot. Even in October, temperatures can reach 22°C, so you can still pack your summer clothes. 

© Heidi Kaden, Unsplash

The city is huge and is known for its stunning architecture and wonderful art museums. But there are also plenty of bright and colorful exhibitions, festivals and other events that you will want to mark in your digital calendar

Florence is well placed for exploring other Italian cities such as Lucca and Pisa, with its world-famous leaning tower. Both are just a 90-minute drive from the city.  

Pula, Croatia 

© Nick Kane, Unsplash

Compared with the likes of Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, Pula is not a particularly popular city when it comes to attracting a lot of tourists. However, the Istrian capital will not disappoint you. It is home to some of the finest Roman ruins anywhere in Croatia – and the most spectacular among these is its huge amphitheatre, which is the sixth-largest in the world. 

There are popular beaches and picturesque natural attractions in the surrounding area, and  in autumn there are some truly beautiful sunrises and sunsets. So if you want to find solitude in nature, be sure to take your camping gear and enjoy a night under the stars.