Exploring Sindh Province: a photo story

Adam Balogh shares his favourites shots from his trip to Pakistan’s Sindh Province.

Painter and photographer Adam Balogh recently spent ten days exploring the sights and sounds of the Sindh Province, home to some fantastic historical sites as well as Karachi, one of Pakistan’s most exciting cities. While visiting friends, he visited some of the region’s most interesting corners and was lucky enough to experience Karachi through the eyes of the locals.   

Here are some of his favourite photos from the trip:

Friends, Pakistan, Adam Balogh
Adam among artist friends in Karachi © Adam Balogh

Among my artist friends in Karachi. I will never forget this moment.

Welcome to the mud house! The ancient city of Bhambore, Sindh Province, some 65km east of Karachi, is home to many mud houses. 

Mud house Bhambore Pakistan by Adam Balogh
Mud houses are typical of the region © Adam Balogh

Just 29km east of Karachi, the Chaukhandi Tombs is an Islamic cemetery renowned for its elaborate sandstone carvings. 

Chaukundi Tombs Pakistan by Adam Balogh
Chaukhandi Tombs in peramidal structure, attributed to the Jokhio and Baloch tribes © Adam Balogh 
Chaukhandi Tombs Pakistan by Adam Balogh
The Chaukhandi Tombs are renowned for their exquisite carvings © Adam Balogh

The tombs are thought to be the burial places of the Jokhio and Baloch tribes, and were built during the Mughal era some time between the 15th and 18th centuries.

Thatta and Makli

In the south of Sindh Province, Thatta was once the capital of the region. Today it’s home to the sprawling necropolis of Makli, as well as a lively market.

Pretzel-shaped and oh-so-sugary, jilebi are a popular sweet in Pakistan. They are made by deep frying maida flour in batter and adding a coating of sugary syrup. 

Thatta Market Pakistan by Adam Balogh
Locals getting some well-deserved rest at Thatta Market © Adam Balogh
Jilebi Thatta Market Pakistan by Adam Balogh
The unforgettable sweetness that is jilbei, on sale at Thatta Market © Adam Balogh

Thatta’s central mosque, the 17th-century Shah Jahan is an impressive structure noted in particular for its elaborate dome. 

Shah Jahan Mosque Sindh Province Pakistan by Adam Balogh
The spectacular dome of Shah Jahan Mosque © Adam Balogh

 A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the necropolis at Makli Hill is one of the largest burial sites in the world, sprawling over an area of almost 10km. The remains provide a unique insight in to the Sind civilisation, who built the tombs between the 14th and 19th centuries.

Mirzaisa Khan Makli Hill Monuments Pakistan Adam Balogh
The tomb of Mirzaisa Khan at Makli Hill Monuments © Adam Balogh

Truck art is a popular form of decoration in Pakistan, and you’ll see vehicles covered in elaborate patterns and calligraphy all over the country. 

Trucks Thatta Kirachi Pakistan by Adam Balogh
Trucks transporting animal feed between Karachi and Thatta © Adam Balogh

You’ll find bazaars at almost every neighbourhood in Karachi, selling everything from patterned fabrics and exquisite jewellery to fresh fruit and veg.

Karachi Bazaar Pakistan by Adam Balogh
Fabrics on sale at Karachi Bazaar © Adam Balogh

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