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Best Travel Jobs To Make Money Traveling The World

It doesn’t matter where you want to travel; there are many job opportunities that you could take advantage of to get you there. Perhaps you want to go diving in Egypt, or maybe you’re thinking about traveling to Peru. The destination you have chosen doesn’t really matter, for as long there are jobs available you will have lots of travel and lots of fun.

But which travel jobs should you take to have the best time? Before you contact a recruiter about vacancies, find out more about travel jobs and take some time to consider which of the following jobs would work best for you. 

Being a Digital Nomad 

Digital nomads are the people who travel the world with a laptop. They work online because this offers them not only independence but also flexibility at work. Amongst the wide range of digital nomad careers there are freelance developers, drop shippers, freelance writers, graphic designers, and social media specialists. 

Getting Paid to Travel 

This type of traveling is all about the traditional jobs at your destination. They usually involve being in the hospitality or local tourism industry. If you want to work at the destination you have chosen in order to get paid and stay longer then there is a wide range of jobs including a local flight attendant, a cruise ship worker, bar or restaurant worker, hotel employee, watersports instructor or a tour guide. 

What you should know about this form of travel is that you need to sign a job contract that will narrow down the location and the duration of your stay. This means that you don’t have as much freedom as you have when traveling as a digital nomad. On the other hand, if you have been working in hospitality a while you will be very employable and perhaps you can extend your terms of contract.

Taking an Expat Job

“Expat” is the term used for the word “expatriate.” Expats are those citizens of a country who have decided to live and work in a different country than the one in which they are citizens. Expat travel jobs are much more long term and include jobs as au pairs, government workers, or language teachers. Expats usually live in other countries for anything from a few months to many years. In other words, if you want to take actual traveling less seriously and instead to visit other countries slowly so that you can become one with their culture and learn their language, you can always take an expat job. 

Examples of Jobs in Each Category 

Now that it has been determined what each job category is all about, let’s see which the actual jobs that you could take in these categories are.

Nomad Jobs

Development and Design 

Many digital nomads opt to be web designers or developers. Any of these jobs start with creating a website. There’s also the option of looking for a job on Stack Overflow, Upwork, or GitHub. 

Coders have always had the opportunity to work while traveling. If you aren’t a programmer yet, you can always check the online classes taught at the Code Academy,, or Code Camp. Learn how to code and become a programmer who travels the world with a laptop.

If you are passionate about design, you could easily become a graphic designer who travels. Graphic design jobs can be found on Dribbble and Freelancer. However, there are other similar websites with job offers in the niche.

Writing & Blogging 

Today, it’s also possible to make money as a writer. FreelanceWriting, Problogger, or Blogging Pro, are all places where you could look for a job in writing. Write your content on the go and be a real digital nomad. 

A lot of travelers are also making money by blogging. On the other hand, it takes quite a while to make a blog profitable. If you want to learn more about blogging, you can check the How to Start a Blog article in The Modern Day Guide. 


If you want to go around the world, then dropshipping might be just the best job for you. You will get to sell products online by managing your own store and focusing on the market you have targeted. When it comes to supplying the products, this is a job for your supplier who can be in another country altogether.

Online Teaching

If you want to travel while working online, you can always try teaching. There are many places online to find out about these jobs. Most people in the UK do a TEFL course which gives them the skills necessary to teach English in a foreign country. If you have been a school or university teacher then your skills are even more in demand and you can access a high level teaching job.

Online Translating

If you speak more languages, then you can always turn to translation. This way, it will be much easier for you to work and travel. Many websites like Translator Base, Pro Translating, and SDL offer jobs in this area. 

Digital Marketing 

Many businesses nowadays need digital marketing support. If you are a traveler who needs to make money, then take a digital marketing class, as you will learn the ropes in only a few weeks. Social media specialist salaries are also quite impressive, and the job is always in demand these days.  

Virtual Assisting 

There are many people and businesses needing virtual assistants who know a lot about administrative tasks. Such tasks involved replying to emails and scheduling meetings. Check websites like Freelancer and UpWork if you want a job as a virtual assistant. Do your job on the go and travel where you like. 

Customer Servicing 

If you have good people skills and plenty of patience, then you can get hired by a business as a remote customer service agent. Check FlexJobs, We Work Remotely, or JustRemote if you want to become a customer service agent. Do remember that while your are on the go you will need to have a quiet place from where you can answer calls. 

Travel Jobs 

Yacht or Cruise Ship Worker 

This is a travel job that involves high level service skills or sailing and yacht maintenance skills. What you need to do is try to become a steward or a deckhand. YaCrew, JF Recruiting, and Bluewater Yachting are websites that offer jobs in this category.

If you prefer bigger ships, then consider taking a job on cruise ships. There are many different job opportunities on board a cruise ship. You could be a cleaner, waiter, bartender, musician, or lifeguard. Such jobs are offered on Cruise Job Finder, Indeed, and All Cruise Jobs. 

Flight Attendant Jobs  

As a flight attendant, you have many opportunities to travel. Besides, you are given plenty of discounts with hostels and airlines. While the working hours are long, you can still have a lot of fun. This is a good one for someone wanting to see the world but not stay to long in each place. Find your flight attendant job at Flight Attendant Career. 

Au Pair

If you like children and get along well with them, then you can always opt to become an au pair abroad. There are many websites that offer such job opportunities. If you know how to speak a foreign language, even better. Many parents want their little ones to know how to speak other languages than their native one.  

NGO Work or Peace Corps

Traveling the world is possible without any money, too. For example, you could volunteer for the Peace Corps or any Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Look online for such opportunities. 

Working in Hostels 

Usually, hostels offer jobs to those who just want to eat and sleep for free while getting a rather small income. You can be a receptionist, or you could also opt for a job as a housekeeper. Either way, you get to travel. Look for positions online at Helpstay and Hostel Jobs. 


If you are good at yoga, diving, golf or perhaps you know how to surf, then you can take a job as an instructor and share your talents. You could spend a lot of time on the beach or at yoga studios. Some places where you could find such jobs are Yoga Trade, Yoga Finder, and the International Surfing Association.


As a worker for WWOOF, which means the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, you can connect with other people who are looking for people to work for them at farms. For 20 to 30 hours of work a week, you can get free accommodation and food. Keep in mind that this job doesn’t pay a salary, but at least it keeps you on the road. 

Sure, depending on your education and experience, there could be more travel jobs to consider. This list offers some more or less universal suggestions for professionals who need a change of scenery.