Outer Hebrides

Outer Hebrides travel guide – Holiday tips and expert advice for Lewis, Harris, St Kilda, Berneray, North Uist, Benbecula, South Uist, Eriskay, Barra and Vatersay, plus language and wildlife. Also covers beaches, culture, Lewis Chessmen, Standing Stones of Callanish, food, walking, golden eagles, hen harriers, seals, red deer and Whisky Galore!

A week in the Outer Hebrides

Here’s how to make the most of a short break in the Outer Hebrides.

Call the 85-year-old midwife: A bizarre birth in the Outer Hebrides

Discover the true story behind Call the Midwife‘s Christmas special.

Genealogy in the Outer Hebrides

Genealogy has become a well-researched topic in the Outer Hebrides due to widespread diaspora.

An island idyll: welcome to Berneray, Outer Hebrides

A short trip to this Hebridean island will leave you feeling that you’d like to stay longer.

On the road in the Outer Hebrides

Join Mark Rowe, author of our new Outer Hebrides guide, as he shows us his highlights from a research trip to the islands. 

Island energy: championing female businesses in the Outer Hebrides

These Scottish islands have an absolute wealth of entrepreneurial women.

5 fantastic beaches in the Outer Hebrides

From Vatersay to Luskentyre, the Outer Hebrides compiles a great list of beaches from its many islands.

5 essential destinations on a fly-drive through the Outer Hebrides

Fly-drive travel maximises your time in the Outer Hebrides and allows you to experience the magic of landing on the beach at Barra’s one-of-a-kind airport.

7 reasons to visit the Outer Hebrides

Rich in local culture and hosting a friendly community, the Outer Hebrides has much to explore.

Forget the Caribbean: these are the best beaches in Orkney and the Outer Hebrides

These Scottish island chains are home to some of the most spectacular sands in the UK.

The best things to see and do in the Outer Hebrides

A fascinating history  Older than Stonehenge and just as enigmatic, the standing stones of Callanish on Lewis are the most popular attraction on the islands. Centred around a single, slender central monolith, they are sited on an elevated promontory that makes a visit a truly haunting experience. On the west coast of Lewis, Geàrrannan Blackhouse…

Health and safety in the Outer Hebrides

Health Your risk of contracting a disease or falling ill is the same as on the Scottish mainland, and tap water is potable everywhere. Many walkers like to refill their bottles from streams out on the hills. If you do so, there are general principles you should apply: never drink from water below human habitation,…

Transport and visa information in the Outer Hebrides

Visas The Outer Hebrides are part of the UK, so UK, and at the time of writing EU, nationals do not require a visa. Visitors from the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries need only fulfil the procedures required of them at any UK port of entry before freely visiting the islands. After the…

When to visit the Outer Hebrides

When to visit The islands on the edge of the British Isles offer great extremes – not only of interest throughout the year but also of weather. Late April to the end of June is probably the best time to visit the Outer Hebrides. The days quickly become much longer – although you are some…