The most impressive lakes in the world

From boiling lakes to vast alpine bodies of water, these are our favourite lakes from around the world. 

Mosques, mausoleums and madrasas: our favourite Silk Road sights

Discover our favourite sights along one of the most important trading routes in history.

In photos: the best of Central Asia

Exploring one of our favourite regions with our Photographer of the Month, Cynthia Bil.

A land where mountains and mankind meet

Tajikistan’s tourism industry is taking on a new focus, one that brings its breathtaking landscapes to life through a millennia of history.

Cycling the Pamir Highway

If you are serious about the challenge, then the chance to see things at your own pace and to meet Pamiris will be among the greatest rewards of cycling.


One of Tajikistan’s largest and wealthiest cities, Khujand has an almost cosmopolitan air and it bears the weight of its turbulent history well. Parks…

Lake Sarez

Lake Sarez (3,263m) is often referred to as the ‘sleeping dragon’, and it is easy to see why. It was formed by an earthquake…

Introducing dead goat polo: Tajikistan’s national sport

Never mind the Premier League; this is the weekend’s real entertainment.

The best trekking routes in the Fann Mountains

The Fann Mountains are a veritable adventure playground for climbers and trekkers alike.


With its style caught somewhere between stark Soviet-era and laid-back Western café culture, Tajikistan’s capital city feels more like a market town than a…


Ideally located only a short drive from the Uzbek border, with its historical sites and bustling bazaar, Panjakent (often spelled Penjikent) strongly deserves to…

Yagnob Valley

One of Tajikistan’s most wild and unspoilt destinations, this river valley is one of the places where the ancient Sogdian language is still spoken…

Garm Chashma

With its natural hot springs, Garm Chashma offers the chance for the visitor to cleanse their body and soul. Some 30km south of Khorog…

Food and drink in Tajikistan

Tajikistan does not have a long tradition of eating in restaurants: it was nigh on impossible during the Soviet period due to food shortages and…

Ajina Tepa

Explore these Buddhist temple ruins where the remarkable sleeping Buddha was first discovered. Some 12km to the east of Bokhtar are the archaeological remains…