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Landscapes through the lens: the world in pictures

A tour of some of the world’s finest landscapes.

Jeremy Flint is an award-winning professional photographer from Oxfordshire specialising in travel, landscape and location photography. He has have worked with a number of leading travel magazines, including National Geographic Traveller, Lonely Planet and Country Life and is represented by the premium stock travel agency AWL images.

Driven by a curiosity of people and places, Jeremy loves to capture the beauty of a destination and his fascination for culture, traditions and humanity in his work. Here, camera in hand, he showcases some of his favourite destinations when it comes to landscape photography.

Ross-on-Wye, England

I have always been drawn to the vibrant and captivating landscapes of Britain, and the Wye Valley is no exception. Famous for its salmon fishing and for being a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest, the River Wye runs through the heart of the valley.

Ross-on-Wye Jeremy Flint

Symonds Yat is the perfect location from which to capture this famous river from above, snaking through the forested hills. I love to frame the beauty of the natural landscape in my images, something captured perfectly here.  

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Namibia is an incredible destination to visit and one of my favourites when it comes to landscape photography. I found the area around Sossusvlei to be particularly breathtaking, with its incredible camel thorn trees interspersed between a striking backdrop of towering sand dunes. The contrast of the orange sand and dark, silhouetted trees creates a truly iconic shot.

Namibia Jeremy Flint

Namibia’s dunes are said to be the oldest in the world and one of its most stunning desert landscapes is where the sands were formed in the Kalahari millions of years ago. Scaling the dunes provides an incredible opportunity to survey the scene of shifting sands that constantly change in colour and shape. 

Grand Canyon, USA

The Grand Canyon offers some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in the USA. This is a place I had always wanted to visit and I realised my dream in 2014, visiting Torroweap in a remote area on the North Rim. 

Grand Canyon Jeremy Flint

The journey to Torroweap is nothing short of spectacular and something I will always remember. After following a remote, dirt track for a few hours the canyon views begin to unfold. I arrived just in time to witness the sunset and incredible canyon views, with the Colorado River winding 3,000 feet below. 

Bavaria, Germany

One of my favourite shots from a trip to Germany was captured in the heart of Bavaria, a region home to epic landscapes, majestic mountains, beautiful lakes and fir-tree-lined valleys where wooden huts sweep across the meadows.

Bavaria Jeremy Flint

The atmospheric conditions of low-lying mist added an extra element to the natural beauty of one of the most remarkable landscapes I have ever visited. Besides stunning scenery, historic towns and walks in nature inspire visitors. 

The Cotswolds, England

Although sunflowers are synonymous with Tuscany, the UK has its fair share of yellow fields too. Agriculture is a huge part of the landscape in Britain and sunflowers are an increasingly common sight. 

Sunflowers Cotswolds Jeremy Flint

I travelled around the Cotswolds in search of them and found this field in Rissington in bloom during the summer. The sight of a sea of yellow flowers, stretching as far as the eye can see, is truly magical and one I will never forget. This image portrays the vibrant yellow hues of the sunflowers standing out against the darker tones of a dramatic blue sky that occurs during the fading light of day.  

Carpathian Mountains, Romania

Romania is an incredible place to visit and one of my favourite landscape destinations. It offers some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in southeast Europe consisting of rolling hills, lush green countryside and rural scenes.

Carpathian Mountains Romania Jeremy Flint

The abundance of nature makes it a great place to hike in the wilderness and explore, with brown bears resident deep in the Carpathian Mountains. I was drawn to the untouched landscapes and the historic treasures that can be found here; it felt like stepping back in time.  

The Quiraing, Scotland

The Isle of Skye is a land of contrasts, and one which has a rather distinct and unique feel to mainland Scotland. Its ancient landmarks, rugged landscapes and remote coastal villages draw visitors from all over the world. 

Quirang Scotland Jeremy Flint

The Quiraing on the northernmost summit of Trotternish in the northeast of the island is an incredible area of outstanding natural beauty, where wild hills and dramatic walking trails provide panoramic views that yearn to be photographed. Wherever you are in the Quiraing, and whether on foot, bike or in the car, the surroundings will stop you in your tracks and entice you to stay longer to soak up the incredible views. 

Lombo Do Moleiro, Portugal

Madeira’s epic landscapes are a huge draw for nature lovers. Taking in the views from the spectacular levada trails, mountainous interior and rugged sea cliffs provide an impressive sight from every angle.

Madeira Jeremy Flint

The colour palettes of the beautiful green mountains contrasting with the deep blue seas are striking to witness and are worth the climb for the epic vistas from their summit.  

Hill Country, Sri Lanka

Visiting Sri Lanka was something I had been planning to do for some time, particularly the central region of the country, which is home to some of the best-known tea plantations in south Asia.

Sri Lanka Jeremy Flint

The picturesque tea plantations have been cultivated for over 100 years, where tea bushes are developed on steep hillsides to provide tea buds that are picked by the workers.  I had the chance to meet tea pluckers among the estates and taste Ceylon’s best black, green and white teas. 

Kuang Si Falls, Laos

The beauty with landscape photography is the ability to plan where and when you want to be in order to capture a scene in a particular light.

Kuang Si Falls Jeremy Flint

Arriving at this location near Luang Prabang in Laos in the afternoon meant I was able to capture the dappled light shining on the Kuang Si Falls before the sun set for the day. The serene beauty of the falls draws your attention in all directions: you don’t know whether to look at the attractive tiered pools, the tranquil water or and the enticing shades of green all around.  

Jeremy Flint is an award-winning travel photographer and writer based in Oxfordshire. To see more of his photos, follow him on Instagram or Facebook.