Take travel content to the next level with an AI creative suite

It’s time to level up your editing.

Interested in transforming your travel tales into captivating video content? Here’s how an AI creative suite can help.

What you need to know about using an AI creative suite

After the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been renewed vigor for travel, but there has been another impact on the tourism industry – and that’s a greater interest in travel content. While many people have taken advantage of the freedom of movement after lockdowns, there are just as many who are still living vicariously through social media, blogs, and similar, and only those with the most dynamic and engaging visual content will be maximizing their potential. Those filming and sharing travel content, whether it’s for personal or commercial purposes, are seeing significant advantages when using an AI creative suite over traditional online editing.

Why are videos important for travel content?

Visual content has always been extremely impactful in travel niches, especially as viewers will want to see exactly what they can expect from their chosen destinations. The rise of social media influencers and personally run blogs has added additional elements to this, as audiences want to engage with their favorite travellers and feel like a part of the wider experience. The CapCut creative suite is fast becoming the go-to choice of those who are well established, as well as those who are hoping to gain a foothold in this niche – and once you understand its capabilities, it won’t be hard to see why.

Why select an AI video editing suite?

Websites that still have a heavy focus on text and only share a few photos of their experiences simply aren’t likely to gain traction over pages and websites that are full of graphics, GIFs, and videos. As engagement is key, many creators find that they put extensive amounts of time and effort into editing their content, whether they prefer to post images on Instagram or videos on YouTube and TikTok. A creative suite is the number one solution to minimize the overall creation/editing process as it has:

  • Thousands of highly editable video templates to make travel content cohesive and boost branding
  • Auto captioning for a more inclusive approach to audiences
  • Cutting, resizing, trimming, and splitting video editing protocols to streamline editing without sacrificing quality or dedicating significant amounts of time to the most basic functions
  • Royalty-free music and sound effects for better engagement, entertainment, and emotionally driven interaction
  • Multi-track editing capabilities
  • Background removal to ensure content can be shared across multiple platforms without worrying about compliance

When you use online tools that don’t have AI functionality, you’ll also be missing out on the cloud-saving opportunities offered by CapCut, as projects can be securely stored and shared directly to an array of platforms. If you run your blog or social media page as part of a wider team, there are also collaboration protocols for editing to help keep everything in one place. Did we mention that this is entirely free to use, as are all of the tools on the CapCut website? You may want to take a look at the YouTube video editor for travel content if this is your preferred platform.

Why use an AI creative suite to boost travel content? 

If you want to properly reach and impact audiences with your travel content, the only way to do so is to ensure that it meets professional quality standards every time, evokes emotional responses that make your viewers want to engage, and of course properly showcase the amazing destinations that you visit. Your viewers will be looking to you for valuable information and you’ll want to ensure that they come to you before your competitors, so editing with a creative suite can be your best asset.