Mosques, mausoleums and madrasas: our favourite Silk Road sights

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Understanding Uzbekistan: what to read, watch and do before you visit

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Uzbekistan’s best Silk Road sights

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Get better acquaintainted with national hero Amir Timur in his hometown of Shakhrisabz. There has been a settlement here, in the upper reaches of…


It is rare to come across an entire city that is a museum. Though Bukhara is packed with remarkable sites it is still nonetheless…


The manmade wonders of Samarkand never cease to amaze even the most sated of culture vultures. A dynamic city of well over half a…

Travel and visas – Uzbekistan

Visas Unless your country is on the visa-free list, you will need a visa (paper or electronic) before you fly. The easiest option is…

When to visit Uzbekistan

Climate Uzbekistan has an extreme continental climate owing to its location at the centre of the Eurasian landmass. The hottest period, known as the…

The Igor Savitsky Museum

Wonder at one of the finest collections of Soviet avant-garde art. Like a ruby in the dust, the Igor Savitsky Museum (also known simply…

Chorsu Bazaar

Meaning ‘the crossroads’, Chorsu Bazaar is the commercial heart of Tashkent and has been for hundreds of years. Originally open to the air (as…

Food and drink in Uzbekistan

Food and drink in Uzbekistan food is typically Turkic, dominated by mutton, noodles and bread, but with many Persian flavours added, such as saffron,…


The varying, often seemingly incompatible strands of modern Uzbek identity are all entwined here, and to understand both where Uzbekistan has come from and…