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Lake Komani

The journey along Lake Komani deserves to be one of the world’s classic boat trips, up there with the Hurtigrut along the Norwegian coast…


Kruja has been fortified since ancient times – ceramics and coins from the 3rd century BC have been excavated there. The name comes from…


The ancient city of Butrint, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, is far and away the most-visited archaeological site in Albania, with visible remains…

When to visit Albania

Climate For most purposes, the best times of year to visit Albania are spring and autumn. In early spring, apple and cherry blossoms form…


The people of Korça are justifiably proud of their city’s cultured and intellectual traditions. The city is home to a number of interesting museums…


About 50km northeast of Kopliku, at the head of the River Shala, lies the national park named after its largest settlement, the village of…


Shkodra has been a highly significant city during most of its long history. It was the capital of the Illyrian state of the Ardiaeans…

Travel and visas in Albania

Visas Citizens of many countries are not required to obtain Albanian visas in advance. Countries to which this visa-free system applies include all those…


The headland at the north of Albania’s Durrësi Bay forms a natural harbour in which ships have anchored since the 7th century BC. In…