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The best alternative European beach destinations

Branch out from the same overcrowded summer destinations with our guide to the best alternative beach holidays.

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The world’s best Roman sites (outside Rome)

Rome may have been the epicentre of the Roman Empire, but the reach of this vast civilisation was far greater than just the Italian capital.

Making the most of your trip to Albania

Whether you’re planning a long weekend away or a more lengthy stay, these itineraries will help you make the most of your time in Albania.

Albania’s communist heritage sites

Albania is home to a range of historical sites reflecting its communist past that have recently been opened to the public as places of interest.

Albania’s cultural and historical highlights

Albania has a wealth of historical and cultural sites to be seen, a number of which are UNESCO protected.


Born Gjergi Kastrioti, Skanderbeg went on to become Albania’s national hero.

Thermal baths

Enjoyed since Roman times, Albania’s thermal baths offer health benefits or simply a relaxing treat.

Flora and fauna in the Albanian Alps

Catherine Bohne tells you what to look out for when exploring the Albanian Alps.

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Going underground: the world’s best caves

This isn’t one for claustraphobes.

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14 European national parks that you’ve probably never heard of

There are many national parks in Europe that remain fairly unknown. Here you can discover 14 of the best. Why miss out on visiting somewhere spectacular?