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I wish I could escape this damp, grey Monday morning in Lockdown for a place where phones are forgotten in desk drawers, emails bounce to ‘out of office’ and suits are left hanging in wardrobes. Where our feet cool in mountain streams as we shelter from the blazing sun beneath pines. Between Zoom meetings I…

The Man I Met

In my mind he’s desperate. He’s keeping the night close and walking with a lean against the bitter wind. The barest light from the old streetlamp catches him in film-noir frame as he walks past the closed-up store, and I’d love to go back and watch him doing it all over again. Until then, there’s…

For Here Be Barbarians

Her collapsing body was now that of a marionette deprived of her nimble puppeteer. A young life ending, bloodily, in front of me and the surging throng. Taken by the stabbing tip of an umbrella, on a subway platform, on a dry Italian day. On her face no indication of that irony. Only…what? Resignation? Acceptance?…

We Saw It All

It’s the beginning of a six week trip through southern Africa; a trip that will end two weeks early with a bout of malaria and an emergency flight home from Nairobi, but we don’t know that yet. For now, we are in Cape Town, and as we get the bus to our hostel from the…


This would make a lovely honeymoon spot, I think as glittering reds and russets reflect on the swamp waters of the Okavango, Delta camp silhouetted against the cacophony of screeching cicadas and curdling call of a lone hyena. It is nothing like the luxury of today’s safari accommodation, but to my twenty-year-old eyes it depicts…

Seagull Song

It has been a year of cancellations and postponed bookings; plans put on hold for the duration. I yearn to return to Japan, crave the tranquil peace of my favourite Greek village, and I’m still dreaming of the Himalayan foothills and the clear depths of Lake Baikal. Yet the place I long for the most…