The Alphabet of Animals: F–J

Inspired by his wildlife photos, Mike Unwin has been creating wonderful alphabet poems.

Inspired by his wildlife photos, author and nature writer Mike Unwin has been making the most of his lockdown time by creating some wonderful little alphabet poems.

F is for… Fairy Wren

F is for Fairy Wren, found in Australia
My first photographs of this bird were a failure
The lighting obscure, the colours a mess
Then I took off my lens cap and voila – success!

Fairy Wren, Kangaroo Island, Australia
Photographed on Kangaroo Island, South Australia, 2012, with Visit South Australia

G is for… Giraffe-Necked Weevil

G is for an insect: giraffe-necked weevil
The first sight of one caused quite an upheaval
A scientist found it in east Madagascar
The name of the scientist? Don’t know – I’ll ask her

Photographed in Andasibe-Amantadia Nat Park, Madagascar, 2015, with Rainbow Tours

H is for… Hare

is for hare – of the Woolly variety
Known for its nerves and excessive anxiety
This one bounced off like a basketball player
When I gave it a wave in the high Himalayas

Woolly hare, Ladakh, India
Photographed in Ladakh, India, 2017, with Steppes Travel

I is for… Indian Rhino

is for Indian Rhino, a pair
Don’t let these heavyweights walk up your stairs
Don’t bring them back to your dwelling at all
They’re perfectly happy at home in Nepal

Indian rhino, Nepal
Photographed in Chitwan National Park, Nepal, 2018, with Travel Local

J is for… Jay

is for Jay – what else could I choose?
You wanted a Jaguar, or three Jabirus?
The bird is the letter; the letter the bird
Anything else would have been quite absurd

Photographed in Woodvale Crematorium, Brighton, UK, 2014

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