Uzbekistan Travel Guide – Expert advice and holiday tips from Tashkent architecture and hotels to Silk Road history, Islamic art and textiles, museums and culture. Also including detailed maps, trekking and hiking routes, touring by bike, public transport, archaeological sites like Samarkand and Bukhara, Khiva, Fergana Valley and Kyzylkum Desert.

Uzbekistan’s best Silk Road sights

Uzbekistan captures the imagination like nowhere else.

Why Uzbekistan is paying travellers to visit

Before COVID-19, Uzbekistan was one of the fastest-growing tourism destinations. And with the new initiative announced by the government, it’s likely that it will continue to climb to the top of travellers’ to-visit lists. On 19 June, President Mirziyoev outlined an innovative plan for reopening the country to tourism, starting this month. any foreign tourist…


Uzbekistan captures the imagination like almost nowhere else. The people, ideas and goods that travelled east to west, and, indeed, west to east, have left indelible marks on Uzbekistan’s landscape, its culture and the genetic make-up of its people, creating a diverse destination with layer upon layer of competing (but entwined) identities. Sophie Ibbotson and…

The rise of ecotourism in Uzbekistan

As Uzbekistan develops as a tourism destination and more of the world discovers its treasures, we can explore what else the country has to offer