A self-drive tour of the Faroes

Discover the best way to see these islands while driving yourself

The remotest of the remote: getting off-grid in the Faroe Islands

If you like your holidays really remote, then these are the islands for you.

Remote tourism in the Faroe Islands

Their initiative allows visitors to explore their dramatic landscapes through the eyes of a local.


Seemingly everywhere you look there are birds: in the air, on the cliffs and hiding in nesting burrows on the hillsides. Mykines really is…


Sitting snugly around a tight U-shaped inlet crammed with state-of-the-art ocean-going fishing trawlers, Klaksvík is the second-largest settlement in the Faroes and the economic…

Svínoy and Fugloy

The boat rises and falls up to 3m on the swell and ricochets off the quay only to be catapulted back towards the jetty…

Beinisvørð cliffs

From the craggy triangular peak, which can be see for miles around, the cliffs plummet vertically to the sea below. Just before the tunnel…


This quiet pastoral village, dauntingly closed in by mountains and with a harbour set in a deep natural cleft in the rock, is one…


This wonderfully remote rocky promontory, which juts out proudly into the crashing waves of the North Atlantic, is a suitably enigmatic spot. From Sumba,…


Tórshavn has finally come of age, blossoming into a self-confident, bustling medium-sized town with … all the trappings of a national, if diminutive, capital.…

Five reasons to visit the Faroe Islands

From the sophisticated capital of Tórshavn to the mysterious isle of Mykines, the Faroe Islands offer natural splendour in abundance.

A weekend in the Faroes – Tórshavn, wild landscapes & seabirds galore

Weekend flights to the Faroe Islands are now a staple in Edinburgh Airport’s schedule, so what more do you need to spend a few days in one of Europe’s most underrated destinations?

Faroe from the madding crowd

On her trip to the Faroe Islands, editor Laura expected to be bowled over by the never-ending landscapes. What she didn’t expect, though, was the innovative food.

Ræst: from national embarrassment to culinary attraction

Our friends at KOKS Restaurant tell the story behind ræst, one of the most misunderstood aspects of Faroese culture.

Seabird spots

Two million pairs of seabirds breed in the Faroes each year – and here are the best places to spot them.