The Holocaust

A guide to Europe's sites, memorials & museums

Travel guidebook to the Holocaust. A unique visitor’s guide to Europe’s sites, museums and memorials that tell the story of the Nazi genocide of 6 million Jews. Wide-ranging coverage extends from Scandinavia to south-east Europe, and from France to Belarus. Includes advice on travel tips, where to stay and eat, and organisations running tours.

Published:  04th Oct 2024
Edition:  1
Number of pages:  336
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ISBN: 9781804691960
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About this book

New from Bradt is The Holocaust: Europe’s Sites, Museums and Memorials, a unique travel guidebook to European locations that tell the story of the greatest crime ever perpetrated – the Nazi genocide of 6 million Jews and other persecuted groups.

In recent years countries once reluctant to delve into the dark corners of their past have begun to document the history of the Holocaust and its aftermath. Europe has many new ground-breaking museums and memorials that tell us as much about the present as they do the past. Chapters are dedicated to each country or region occupied by Nazi Germany, plus nations like the UK and neutral Sweden, which played a vital role both before and after the Holocaust.

Organised around city hubs in each country, this Bradt guide helps visitors explore numerous destinations, whether infamous, well known or comparatively unexpected. This is much, much more than a guide to notorious sites such as Auschwitz-Birkenau, Buchenwald or Dachau. You can take a walking tour in Vienna, to view the new wall of names. Or visit the Memorial des Martyrs de la Deportation in Paris, Anne Frank House in Amsterdam or the Jewish Museum in Ferrara. And you can learn how babies were smuggled out of the Kovno ghetto in potato sacks in Lithuania or read about Bavaria’s Kloster Indersdorf, a remarkable children’s home that cared for survivors.

Written by a journalist and travel writer specialising in Jewish history, Bradt’s The Holocaust: Europe’s Sites, Museums and Memorials provides the traveller with not only a list of must-see sites in each country but also a comprehensive list of organisations that run tours, commemorations and volunteer schemes. Extensive listings of where to eat and stay (including Kosher restaurants and hotels) ease the traveller’s way, as do descriptions of local Jewish organisations and tips on how to pace potentially difficult journeys into Europe’s dark past.

Bradt’s The Holocaust: Europe’s Sites, Museums and Memorials is the first comprehensive travel guide to the genocide and the first to help the traveller understand the Holocaust by seeing the places where it unfurled.

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About the Author

Rosie Whitehouse is a freelance journalist specialising in Jewish life after the Holocaust. Since leaving the BBC World Service, she has written for an array of publications including the Sunday Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian and the Daily Mail, and authored the critically acclaimed book The People on the Beach: Journeys to Freedom After the Holocaust. She is a historical advisor to both the ’45 Aid Society, which represents child Holocaust survivors brought to the UK in 1945–8 and their descendants, and Vienna’s Centropa Institute, which is dedicated to preserving Jewish memory in Central and Eastern Europe. An experienced travel writer, she has written Bradt’s Liguria, Cadogan and DK travel guides to France and a book chronicling the experiences of a young family coming to terms with having a dad working as a front-line reporter in the war-torn Balkans (Are We There Yet? Travels with my Frontline Family).

Additional Information

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Historical Background
Chapter 2 Practical Information
Chapter 3 Austria
Chapter 4 France
Chapter 5 Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg
Chapter 6 The Baltic States and Belarus
Chapter 7 Czech Republic and Slovakia
Chapter 8 Germany
Chapter 9 Hungary
Chapter 10 Italy
Chapter 11 Poland
Chapter 12 Romania and Moldova
Chapter 13 Scandinavia
Chapter 14 South-eastern Europe
Chapter 15 United Kingdom
Chapter 16 Ukraine
Appendix Further reading