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The Bradt forum – some rules

Follow the law

Be sure that your postings contain nothing that:

-       is defamatory, obscene or harmful;

-       infringes a third party’s right to privacy;

-       infringes copyright law by reproducing the work of others without their permission;

-       is unlawful in any other way.  

Avoid causing offence or nuisance

Please show respect to fellow users of the Bradt forum and be sure that your contributions don’t risk offending others. Do not submit spam or multiple versions of the same (or similar) postings. If you would like to draw our attention to a posting that seems inappropriate, please ???

Protect your personal details

This is a public forum. Don’t post any information about yourself that you wouldn’t be happy for a stranger to see. 

Don’t advertise

The Bradt forum is intended for use by individuals who wish to share travel experiences, stories and advice. It is not for companies to advertise their services and we will remove any posts that we deem to do so. Only list website links or company names where these are clearly relevant to your posting and do not represent advertising for those websites or companies. Please do not use websites, corporate logos or business names in your profile identifications or images.


The views posted on the Bradt forum are those of the individual users and do not necessarily represent the views of Bradt Travel Guides. Bradt accepts no responsibility or liability for the views expressed by users in the Bradt forum. Those reading or posting on the Bradt forum or those following advice found on the forum do so entirely at their own risk.

Bradt Travel Guides reserves the exclusive right to remove any content from the forum or to suspend/delete the profile of any user of the forum without advance warning or explanation.