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Where to Go for a Road Trip Adventure 

If you love the idea of hopping into a car and driving off to some faraway destinations while passing along pristine landscapes and rugged scenery – a road trip adventure is what you need. Travelling by car comes with many benefits. You have the freedom to go wherever you please, visit off-the-beaten destinations, and stop at some beautiful spots along the way. But, with so many beautiful places for a road trip, you probably need help deciding where to go. Below, we’ve rounded up the best destinations for a road trip adventure.

  1. Norway 

Norwegian roads are well-suited for road trip adventures. They are scenic, with rugged mountains, glistening deep blue fjords, and majestic waterfalls at every turn. It’s a country you will enjoy meandering through as you gasp in awe at every stunning landscape. 

The best driving route in Norway starts in Bergen and ends in Tromso. It’s ideal for those who love driving along coastal roads while passing at some of the world’s longest road tunnels. Start in Bergen and explore the city’s top attractions, including heritage sites. Then make your way to Leon, which takes you to Mount Hoven, where you can admire the spectacular views of the Jostedal glacier. At Hellesylt, ride the ferry to the stunning Geirangerfjord in the town of Geiranger. As you leave Geiranger for Eidsdal, stop at the Ornesvingen viewing point to admire the incredible vistas.

When you reach Tromso, your final destination, take a ferry to Svalbard to witness polar bears in their natural habitat. Take another ferry back to Bergen, where you first started. You can continue on another road trip in Norway or fly back to your home country.

  1. Hungary

It’s a shame that many travellers visiting Hungary will only stay in Budapest and would not take time to explore further. But, if you go on a road trip to Hungary, you’ll find many fascinating sites you won’t find anywhere else. You could come across breathtaking palaces, well-preserved Old Towns, stunning vineyards, and historical sites dating back thousands of years.

Most road trips in Hungary begin at the country’s capital city. There are some quite fantastic places to stay, especially if you want to include the see the Grand Prix and you book yourself onto one of the luxury Hungarian F1 packages. Budapest is a magical city home to castles and ancient architecture, so take time to explore before heading off to your next destination. From Budapest, you can drive to Visegrád, a picturesque castle town with ruins of a magnificent Renaissance palace. Gyor, which sits halfway between Vienna and Budapest, should be your next destination. Explore its well-preserved Old Town before driving off to the next city. 

Sopron should be your next stop, a charming city with an equally beautiful Old Town. Wander along its cobblestone streets and admire the medieval buildings featuring Baroque architecture. Next, make your way to Keszthely, which straddles the scenic Lake Balaton and is home to several luxury spas where you can take a relaxing dip before driving back to Budapest.

  1. United Kingdom 

Travelling around the UK by car is the best way to discover its fascinating landscapes and explore picturesque towns and villages. And given its extensive network of trunk roads and motorways, road tripping around the country is pretty straightforward.

With so many scenic routes to choose from, the biggest challenge you’ll face on your road trip adventure to the UK is deciding which road to take. If you have at least a week, why not drive through Scotland’s North Coast 500? It’s a circular route starting in Inverness and into the Black Isle, past Sutherland and Wester Ross. You’ll come across rugged fairways, gothic ruins, historic castles, and charming seaside villages. 

Before reaching your final destination, you’ll drive through Bealach na Bà, a winding one-lane road taking you to the mountains and looping over the Applecross Peninsula. This journey will take around four to seven days, and it’s recommended that you book accommodations ahead. 

  1. Iceland 

Iceland is one of the world’s most famous destinations for an epic road trip adventure. It’s home to breathtaking natural wonders, from crystal clear lagoons to captivating waterfalls, hot springs, and canyons. Since the country is not too big, you’ll see pretty much everything in only a few days!

One of the most recommended driving routes is the Ring Road, which starts in Reykjavík. From the airport, pick up a car rental and drive towards the fjords in the east. Spend at least a day enjoying its magnificent landscape scenery, featuring incredible icebergs and waterfalls. Continue your journey and take in the gorgeous views, from glorious fjords to eerie mountains and quiet seaside villages. Stop by Fáskrúðsfjörður, home to a museum that honours the legacy of French sailors. When you reach Breiðdalsvík, stop by for the microbrewery Beljandi. 

Spice up your adventure at the Ring Road by cutting through the country’s barren interiors. Take Road 35, which deviates off Route 1 past the Gullfoss waterfall and continues into the ancient Kjölur route between Langjökull and Hofsjökull glaciers. If possible, drive with a 4WD vehicle since the roads can be extremely challenging, especially in the highlands.

  1. Germany

Germany’s landscape is incredibly diverse, making it an ideal destination for road trip adventures. Your journey will take you through sleepy medieval towns, bustling cities full of great architecture, and fairy tale castles. What’s more, you can stop for some fun activities for a more enjoyable driving experience. 

Conquer the Wine Route, starting in SchweiSchweigen-Rechtenbachgen and into the town of Bockenheim a der Weinstrasse. This route will take you to Palatinate, German’s wine region, where you’ll drive past stunning vineyards, wisteria-draped villages, and rambling forests. 

Starting at the French border, drive north towards Palatinate. On the road, keep your eyes peeled on enchanting castles and half-timbered villages – a captivating scenery that seems like it’s taken straight out of a fairy tale book. Blessed with a temperate climate that allows lemons, almonds, and figs to thrive, this route is one of Germany’s most scenic roads. Its western edge weaves into the hilly forest of the Pfälzerwald, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve featuring picturesque hiking and cycling trails.