Europe’s spring wildlife highlights

Searching for a wildlife-filled spring getaway? Whether you want to admire exotic orchids, listen out for birdsong or spot a blue whale in the wild, Europe has something to offer. 

The Lost Kingdom of Navarre

Once a proud European kingdom and a former haunt of Hemingway, Navarre still has plenty to offer curious visitors.

Guernica: an anniversary of a tragedy

Eighty years after being destroyed in the Spanish Civil War, the Basque town of Guernica has emerged as a phoenix from the ashes.

The Basque Country: a gastronomic guide

From traditional tapas to world-class wines, the Basque Country is a region bursting with gastronomic delights. 

The Camino de Santiago

Learn more about the Camino de Santiago, perhaps Europe’s most famous pilgrimage from author Murray Stewart, who has walked it three times. 

Europe’s autumn wildlife highlights

Autumn is an intense experience for wildlife-watching in Europe

Family-friendly wildlife weekends

Europe abounds in family-friendly wildlife-watching opportunities. Here’s James Lowen’s pick of the best.