A land of untouched remoteness: exploring the Gobi Desert

Welcome to the world’s most northerly desert.

How China’s next-door neighbour kept coronavirus out

Mongolia has recorded only 185 cases of the virus – all of which were imported from abroad.

Extraordinary experiences connecting with nature

Our pick of the best activities guaranteed to nourish the soul.

When the Ice Melts

In this extract from her contribution to our Roam Alone anthology Suzy Pope finds herself travelling solo in the freezing Mongolian winter after a friend bails on their trip.


This thrilling three-day sporting event has been happening for centuries.

Five reasons to visit Mongolia

Participate in some of Mongolia’s cultural traditions – take a turn at milking a yak or ride out with a party of Kazakh eagle hunters. 

Genghis’s tomb: a mountain mystery

John Man explores the unsolved mystery of Genghis Khan’s burial place.

The Tsaatan

Author Jane Blunden discusses the lifestyle and history of the Tsaatan, the reindeer people of Mongolia.

Crossing the Gobi and beyond

Faraz Shibli describes his Gobi crossing, which he and his team completed to raise money for Edurelief.