Brighten up your day with the world’s most colourful places

Sit back and enjoy this kaleidoscope of colours.

Lifting the lockdown lid: rediscovering Italy’s finest attractions

As the country opens its door to tourists, we take a look at some of Italy’s lesser-known wonders.

The perfect pesto? In Liguria, of course

Author Rosie Whitehouse explains why you will never try a pesto as tasty as the one made in Liguria.

Beyond pesto…

With its unbeatable pesto often stealing the limelight, Liguria’s other culinary treasures are often overlooked – but they are not to be missed…  

Five reasons to visit Liguria

Liguria might be one of Italy’s smallest regions, but it’s a big-hitter when it comes to cuisine.

Liguria – for cosy coastal villages, unmissable hiking trails & homemade pesto

The fishing villages of Cinque Terre National Park are the perfect setting for a relaxed, Mediterranean weekend.

Campo Ligure – the filigree capital

Campo Ligure is the only remaining centre for filigree, the art of twisting threads of gold and silver.

A master storyteller

Author Rosie Whitehouse tells the story of Italo Calvino, one of Italy’s greatest novelists.

The great outdoors

The region around San Bartolomeo al Mare makes for excellent walking and cycling.

Walking in the Cinque Terre

Liguria has some of the most stunning coastline in the Mediterranean making the Cinque Terre one of Italy’s top tourist attractions.