Brighten up your day with the world’s most colourful places

Sit back and enjoy this kaleidoscope of colours.

Campo Ligure – the filigree capital

Campo Ligure is the only remaining centre for filigree, the art of twisting threads of gold and silver.

A master storyteller

Author Rosie Whitehouse tells the story of Italo Calvino, one of Italy’s greatest novelists.

Walking in the Cinque Terre

Liguria has some of the most stunning coastline in the Mediterranean making the Cinque Terre one of Italy’s top tourist attractions.

Chin Chin

The chinotti oranges have been experiencing something of a revolution in recent years.

The Father of the Risorgimento

Revolutionary and intellectual, Rosie Whitehouse tells the story of Giuseppe Mazzini.

Something fishy

Author Rosie Whitehouse takes us fishing off the coast of Noli.

A bitter paradise

Mary Shelley’s summer on the Golfo dei Poeti was not as idyllic as you might think.

The Secrets of the Genoa Silk Road

Author Rosie Whitehouse takes a tour of Genoa’s silk merchants.

The demon of the Mediterranean

The Barbary pirates ramsacked towns along the north African coast in the 16th century.

Buzz off!

The story of Rinaldo Piaggio, creator of one of Italy’s icons – the Vespa.

The Cricket

Beppe Grillo — comedian, political activist, a founder of MoVimento 5 Stelle.