The most impressive lakes in the world

From boiling lakes to vast alpine bodies of water, these are our favourite lakes from around the world. 

Visions of hope: how Hurricane Maria shaped Dominica’s cultural landscape

The hurricane’s devastating presence can still be felt in the island’s flourishing art scene.

From river tubing to whale watching: Dominica’s unmissable activities

Unsure how to spend your time on Dominica? Don’t miss out on these activities!

The natural wonders of Dominica

With its swathes of undisturbed rainforest and clusters of active volcanoes, Dominica is a haven of natural beauty.

La Soye: Dominica’s first (unrecorded) European settlement?

If buried treasure still exists, perhaps the Kalinago myth of Spanish bounty in east Dominica is true…

Morne Diablotin National Park

Take one of Dominica’s most popular hiking and birdwatching trails through the rainforests of Morne Diablotin National Park. When it was formed in 1977,…


Look up at the jalousie windows, the ornate fretwork verandas and the mountainous backdrop for a picturesque view of Roseau. Roseau is Dominica’s capital…

Freshwater Lake

The serenity of the Freshwater Lake and the natural beauty of the environment all around are breath-taking and most certainly worth a visit. The…

Health and safety on Dominica

Health With Dr Felicity Nicholson There are no immunisation requirements for visitors to Dominica except proof of vaccination against yellow fever for those over…

Cabrits National Park

Fort Shirley Garrison and the surrounding wetland provide multiple trails around the park with excellent views of the area. The 525ha Cabrits National Park…

Middleham Falls

One of the shorter hikes, which takes visitors through dense rainforest vegetation to one of the tallest waterfalls on the island. When plans were…

Kalinago Territory

Made up of eight hamlets, the Kalingo Territory is communally owned, and in appearance, resembles the rural settlements of Dominica. The Kalinago Territory covers…

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