On the road in Patagonia – the Carretera Austral

Join MD Adrian Phillips on South America’s most challenging road.

Exceptional journeys for 2017

Travel isn’t just about the destination – it’s about the journey, too.

Douglas Tompkins – the original ecopioneer

Ecobaron, billionaire, trailblazer, destroyer – Douglas Tompkins was called many things in his lifetime, but he was undoubtedly one of the world’s most pioneering conservationists. 

Interview with Hugh Sinclair

This December we are publishing the world’s first guidebook to the Carretera Austral, South America’s greatest road trip. Here we chat to author Hugh Sinclair about the route, Chile and why road-tripping represents an altogether different type of travel.

Five reasons to visit the Carretera Austral

‘The best road-trip in the world’ is an oft-heard claim, but in the case of the Carretera Austral it is well and truly justified.

The Legend of Father Ronchi

Three decades of total devotion by a single man forever changed the destiny of more than 50 towns in the regions of Aysén and Chiloé.

The Dictator’s Highway

Justin Walker’s The Dictator’s Highway eloquently describes why to embark on a journey down the Carretera Austral.

Curanto y Kuchen – Patagonian Pioneers

Luisa Ludwig’s book Curanto y Kuchen contains an insightful and charming personal account of the lives of the early settlers and this isolated region.