Bulgaria’s intangible cultural heritage

From carpet-weaving to fire-dancing.

Monasteries, mountains and magnificent architecture: the best of Bulgaria

What not to miss on a visit to this culturally rich country.

Brighten up your day with the world’s most colourful places

Sit back and enjoy this kaleidoscope of colours.

Welcome to Bulgaria: a land of magnificent monasteries

While some are a carnival of colour, others are characterised by a serene tranquillity.

Burgas Wetlands: the birding Mecca

This area is attractive to birdwatchers all year round.

Food and drink in Bulgaria

There are said to be three great cuisines in the world: French, Chinese and Turkish. Bulgarian cuisine is very similar to Turkish. Its strengths…

Health and safety in Bulgaria

Health There are state-run hospitals, private medical centres and local polyclinics in Bulgaria. Doctors are extremely well qualified and able, but they are often…

Travel and visas – Bulgaria

Visas UK nationals who hold a UK passport endorsed ‘British Citizen’ do not need a visa to visit Bulgaria for a period of up to…


A pocket-sized capital with iconic gold-domed churches, layers of ancient history, fine museums, a yellow-brick road and even its own mountain. Sofia has the…

Veliko Turnovo

The former Bulgarian capital has a spectacular riverside location on high cliffs, and hosts many important buildings from the country’s long history. Veliko Turnovo was the capital…


Situated on a picturesque peninsula, the coastal resort of Nesebur has a wealth of Byzantine churches. The beauty of Nesebur is threatened by its…

Rila Monastery

Bulgaria’s finest monastery lies behind fortress walls; its church’s frescoes are an explosion of colour, in contrast to the dark pine forests nearby. The road to Rila…


This mountain town is famous for its revolutionary past and its beautiful and photogenic houses. Koprivshtitsa is a place that deserves to be thoroughly explored –…


The UNESCO-listed Old Town is a photographer’s dream: painted, timber-framed houses leaning across steep, cobbled streets. With its attractive Old Town, Plovdiv is often…

The world’s best lesser-known wine regions

We’ve all heard of Burgundy and Tuscany, but what about Kosovo and Israel?