Dorset away from the coast: exploring the Blackmore Vale

This unspoilt region is dotted with charming, quintessentially English villages, many of which are built from warm, golden stone.

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Some helpful tips for foraging in the wild in Dorset from expert John Wright.

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Cerne Abbas

Known as the Rude Man, this chalk carving of a naked, club-wielding, 180-foot giant dominates the landscape no matter which direction you approach from. Travellers along the A352 are treated to a very unusal and surprising sight – the 180-foot-tall chalk carving of a naked man known as the Cerne Abbas Giant. He is also…

Isle of Purbeck

You’ll chance across plenty of opportunities here for Slow Travel, including a ride through the peninsula on the Swanage Steam Railway. One glance at the map tells you that the Isle of Purbeck is not actually an island, but a peninsula of some 60 square miles bordered to the south and east by the English…

Chesil Beach

If you saw such a thing in Dubai you might assume it was the zany creation of a capricious sheikh, but this is Dorset and Chesil Beach is all natural. Stand on Portland Heights or outside St Catherine’s Chapel high above Abbotsbury and look out to sea and you will be treated to the most…

Food and drink in Dorset

Dorset is ideally suited to the growing and savouring of seasonal, traditional and local food; its fertile soils, long farming history and food heritage combine to provide a rich variety of tasty treats, from fish caught off the Dorset coast, to artisan cheeses, breads and ciders. Food A visit to Dorset would not be complete…

Bride Valley

The quaint village of Abbotsbury is a highlight of the valley © David Hughes, Shutterstock Even the wildlife feels unthreatened – walking around the villages of the Bride Valley I saw a stoat, a fox and numerous rabbits all happily going about their business. As you travel east from Bridport you are heading towards some…


Sherborne is attractive, and knows it. If Sherborne were a woman, she would be an incredibly pretty, popular socialite who relishes the envy she generates in everyone else. This ancient town marking the boundary of the Blackmore Vale has much to offer the visitor, including two castles, a splendid abbey and a charming town centre.…