Tunisia (ebook)

by Oscar Scafidi 

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Tunisia travel guide. Expert advice and tourist information covering Tunis, Sahara Desert, Djerba, Star Wars pilgrimages, Chott el Djerid salt lake, Sidi Bou Said, Kairouan, archaeological and heritage sites (Roman amphitheatre of El Jem, Ancient Carthage, Ribat of Monastir fort), museums, beaches, camel trekking, kitesurfing, wildlife, nightlife

Published:  23rd Jun 2023
Edition:  1

About this book

Written by long-term resident, adventurer and experienced travel writer Oscar Scafidi, this brand new Bradt publication is the most up-to-date, comprehensive travel guidebook to Tunisia produced by a mainstream publisher. Taking account of this North African country’s recent political and social flux, and covering each of the nation’s 24 governorates, the book’s listings for hotels, restaurants and activities cater for all types of travellers and budgets. Complemented by 80 detailed maps and advice on navigating bureaucracy, this guide provides all the practical information you need to visit or explore here.
The birthplace of the Arab Spring in 2010, Tunisia is readily accessible from European cities. From relaxing on Mediterranean beaches to camel-trekking or quad-biking in the Sahara Desert and marvelling at the moonscapes of Chott el Djerid salt lake, this fascinating nation crams much excitement and interest into a small area. In the 2,000-year-old capital of Tunis, originally a Berber settlement, you can haggle in the ancient Medina, browse artefacts at the Bardo National Museum or enjoy fresh seafood at waterfront restaurants. Archaeology afficionados will hardly know where to begin in Africa’s fourth-richest country for UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the remnants of Ancient Carthage, perhaps, or superbly preserved Roman ruins, such as the world’s second-largest amphitheatre of El Jem?
Djerba, where Berbers, Muslims and the world’s oldest Jewish community have co-existed for centuries, is a world-renowned kitesurfer’s paradise. Sunseekers have over 1,000km of coastline on which to bask – why not sip cocktails at the upmarket resort of Gammarth, just north of Tunis – while hedonists can party at a mammoth 30-hour rave in the desert at Ong Jmal. Meanwhile, film buffs can make pilgrimages to sets used in the Star Wars movies or explore canyons used by Steven Spielberg’ for an Indiana Jones film, and culture vultures can visit Islamic sites such as the Ribat of Monastir fort or 7th-century city of Kairouan.
With a language appendix covering Tunisian Arabic and French, detailed context that helps visitors travel with awareness and sensitivity, and in-depth travel information, Bradt’s Tunisia is an indispensable practical companion to exploring this exciting country.

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About the Author

Oscar Scafidi ( lived in Tunisia for three years while writing Bradt’s first guide to the country, criss-crossing the country for over 30,000km in his 4×4 (and only getting stuck in the Sahara desert once!). His Tunisia-focused YouTube channel features over a hundred videos showcasing the nation’s most exciting tourism destinations, and he has worked with USAID and the Tunisian Ministry of Tourism on sustainable tourism development projects in the country. A travel writer, risk consultant and international educator, he has lived, worked and travelled in over thirty African countries including Tunisia, Sudan, Angola and Madagascar. Such experiences enabled him to author Bradt’s guidebooks to Angola and Equatorial Guinea, and write about intriguing destinations such as Somalia, Afghanistan, Liberia and Timor Leste. Scafidi has also written a travel narrative, Kayak the Kwanza, about completing the first source-to-sea navigation of Angola’s longest river, a journey exceeding 1,300km.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Background Information
Chapter 2 Practical Information

Chapter 3 Tunis Governorate
Chapter 4 North-East Sub-Region
Chapter 5 Centre-East Sub-Region
Chapter 6 South-East Sub-Region
Chapter 7 South-West Sub-Region
Chapter 8 Centre-West Sub-Region
Chapter 9 North-West Sub-Region
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