Traveller’s Cookbook: South America

Classic recipes from 40 years of travel

by Ben Box 

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The Traveller’s Cookbook: South America – classic recipes and anecdotes from 40 years of travel by the author of the South American Handbook, the bible of South American travel. Includes iconic dishes and drinks from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, the Guianas, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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ISBN: 9781784778996

Published:  16th Sep 2022
Size:  135 X 216 mm
Edition:  1
Number of pages:  328

About this book

A lip-smacking, full colour collection of evocative recipes combined with reminiscences and anecdotes from over four decades of South American travel from writer and food enthusiast, Ben Box, author of the classic travel bible, the South American Handbook.
‘It’s one thing to sit down in a restaurant overlooking the Plaza in Cuzco or at a seafood shack beside a Brazilian beach, but quite another to learn how to prepare the food yourself and serve it to friends in your home country’ says Ben. ‘This book will show you how to bring back your own memories of the flavours and aromas of South America. Recipes are interspersed with culinary history, tips and tales from the road, all designed to cast the dishes in the context of a continent overflowing with irresistible temptations, from the versatility of the corn kernel to the coolest cocktail.’
Join Ben in his tour of one of the world’s most gastronomically exciting areas as he presents his favourite recipes country by country, from Venezuela and the Guianas in the north down to Argentina. His selection includes iconic South American dishes and drinks, ingredients from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, from the Amazon and the Andes, sizzling street food, tried and tested practical recipes, different gastronomic trends, and details of how to make arepas, chimichurri, caipirinha, pepper pot and other South American favourites. Ben says: ‘Whether you’ve been to South America or are thinking of going, or even if you’ve never contemplated it but are a confirmed foodie, you’ll love losing yourself in the medley of flavours from this mouth-watering, palate-tingling continent.’

About the Author

In four decades of travel researching guidebooks around the whole of South America, Ben Box has enjoyed the flavours of the region at roadside shacks, market comedores, indigenous kitchens, Welsh tea rooms and the most modern restaurants. Every experience, from receptions with government ministers to lunch in community projects for displaced children, has fostered a deep appreciation of what South America has to offer the visitor. The restrictions of travel imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic has given all travellers time to reflect on what it is that makes visiting other countries so special. For Ben, food is integral to so many memorable occasions and to share its character and variety through cooking and writing is the perfect opportunity to rekindle the joy of travel, to combine the stories that have arisen on the road with the stories behind the food and drink of an inspirational part of the world.

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