Ecuador & Galapagos

by Ben Box and  Sarah Cameron

Published:  01st Jul 2018
Size:  115 X 178 mm
Edition:  1
Number of pages:  400
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ISBN: 9781911082569
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About this book

Ecuador is compact by South American standards, yet it boasts extraordinary diversity. Footprint’s Ecuador & Galapagos Handbook will guide you from the lush Amazon jungle canopy to the beautiful Pacific beaches, with smoking snow-capped volcanoes in between. – Loaded with information and suggestions on how to get off the beaten track, from remote towns with traditional fiestas to mountaineering and paragliding – Includes comprehensive information on everything from transport and practicalities to history, culture & landscape, as well as a full-colour Galapagos wildlife feature – Plus all the usual accommodation, eating and drinking listings for every budget – Full-color planning section to inspire and help you find the best experiences – Personal recommendations from the authors on everything from hiking and birdwatching, to the best colonial sights and local crafts From exploring the colonial districts of Quito to indulging your senses at an authentic market, Footprint’s fully updated 9th edition will help you navigate this inspirational destination.

About the Author

One of the first assignments Ben Box took as a freelance writer in 1980 was subediting work on the South American Handbook. The plan then was to write about contemporary Iberian and Latin American affairs, but in no time at all the lands south of the Rio Grande took over, inspiring journeys to all corners of the subcontinent. Ben has contributed to newspapers, magazines and learned tomes, usually on the subject of travel, and became editor of the South American Handbook in 1989. Having a doctorate in Spanish and Portuguese Studies from London University, Ben maintains a strong interest in Latin American literature. Ever since completing her degree in Latin American Studies, Sarah Cameron has been travelling in and writing on the Americas, both as an economist and as an author for Footprint. Initially moonlighting for the South American Handbook whilst working for a British bank, in 1990 she parted company with the world of finance and has been contributing to Footprint titles ever since.

Additional Information

Table of Contents

1) Planning your trip
2) Quito and around
3) Northern Highlands
4) Central Highlands
5) Southern Highlands
6) Guayaquil and south to Peru
7) Northern Pacific lowlands
8) The Oriente
9) Galapagos Islands
10) Background
11) Practicalities
12) Footnotes

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