The Irish Continent

by Michael Lynch 


1. almost getting caught up in a riot in Santiago, Chile
2. a night out in Valparaíso
3. The discovery of Irish links to South America. Some prominent figures in South American history were Irish or have Irish connections: Ambrose O’Higgins – the viceroy of Peru; his son, Bernardo O’Higgins – the Liberator of Chile; Eliza Lynch – mistress of the dictator of Paraguay; the revolutionary, Che Guevara – of Irish extraction.
4. Finding out about the sizeable Irish emigration to Argentina in the 19th century. Highlight of the trip was a visit to San Antonio de Areco in Buenos Aires province where I met an elderly Argentinian woman who spoke English with an Irish accent.
5. A lively football match in Buenos Aires between River Plate and Lanús
6. The Welsh settlements in Patagonia
7. a day-long bus journey, mostly through semi-desert from Asunción in Paraguay to Santa Cruz in Bolivia

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ISBN: 9781784778330

Published:  02nd Mar 2021
Size:  130 X 198
Edition:  1
Number of pages:  264

About this book

The book is a travelogue, detailing my day-to-day experiences as I roam about South America. It was an unexpectedly lengthy visit – a two-month holiday that turned into an extended stay of seven months. An unexpected pleasure was the joy of travel, the at ease-ness it brings, the absence of day-to-day responsibilities. Whilst travelling, I uncovered the many Irish links to the continent. This provided a theme for my travels. The book details visits to places with an Irish connection. It provides a pen picture of the people involved; it briefly goes into their background and their involvement in the history of the continent. However, just as often, many places visited have no Irish connection. A lot of the time, there were the vaguest of travel plans. I follow my nose. The book goes into into day-to-day activities; bus journeys taken, people met, and history/stories linked to these places.

About the Author

Michael Lynch was born and raised in County Tipperary, Ireland.
There, he developed an interest in Irish history, and played a lot of
football. At an early age, he took a break from a ‘proper’ job and left
to travel around Australia. On the way, he stopped off in London,
and never made it any further.
At a later age, on a break from another ‘proper’ job, he travelled
around South America. It was here that he was able to indulge his
interest in Irish history and in football. The result is this book.
Now back in London, he is currently planning his next escape.