Sacred Nature Safari Colouring Book

by Jonathan Scott 

Fifty-two illustrations by award-winning wildlife photographers, TV presenters and authors Jonathan and Angie Scott – all representing the best of African safari experiences, from big cats made famous by TV series to Masaai peoples’ way of life, and all for colouring in. The perfect travel companion, safari souvenir or inspiration to visit Africa.

Published:  07th Oct 2022
Size:  235 X 260 mm
Edition:  1
Number of pages:  56
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ISBN: 9781784778606
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About this book

Through 52 black-and-white illustrations by award-winning wildlife photographers, TV presenters and authors Jonathan and Angie Scott, the Sacred Nature Safari Colouring Book captures the joy and excitement of being on safari in the African wilds – for many people, the adventure of a lifetime. Suitable for all ages, the illustrations can be coloured in – or simply admired alongside detailed captions that offer insights into the threats faced by so many wild creatures today.
In this lightweight, inexpensive book suitable for all ages, you will find many animals that safari-goers yearn to see. Carnivores feature prominently, from African wild dogs to lions, alongside herbivores ranging from diminutive antelopes called klipspringers to gargantuan elephants and yawning hippos. There are TV celebrities too, made famous worldwide by series such as the Big Cat Diary, presented by Jonathan Scott: the Marsh Pride of lions star, as do Kike the cheetah, Half-tail the leopard, and Scarface the lion. Birds vie for pride of place, from huge eagles and vultures, via ground hornbills and grey-crowned cranes to everyone’s favourite colourful bird: the lilac-breasted roller. Africa is nothing without its people, of course, so other illustrations feature scenes from the Masaai way of life, and safari activities such as overnighting at Giraffe Manor or in a tented camp, visiting Nairobi’s Elephant Orphanage or taking a hot-air balloon above the savanna at sunrise.
Although famous for their books and television work, Jonathan and Angie Scott are also talented artists, regularly producing beautiful limited-edition prints of their drawings. Admiring their artwork takes us out of our everyday existence and on a virtual safari. The couple are also dedicated conservationists who will donate a percentage of the profits from this book to their Sacred Nature Initiative, which seeks to inspire, educate and conserve – and to help reconnect people with nature.
Whether you’re on the road or stuck at home, the Sacred Nature Safari Colouring Book evokes the wonder of nature alongside the joy of going on safari. It provides the perfect cure for wanderlust, consummate inspiration to take a safari, and an ideal souvenir for those recently returned from Africa.

About the Author

Jonathan and Angela Scott ( are award-winning wildlife photographers, TV presenters, passionate conservationists and authors of 35 books. Resident in East Africa for decades, the Scotts are closely involved with the safari industry as hosts and educators, and have an unparalleled knowledge of Africa’s animals and birds. Alongside serving as ambassadors or patrons of several local and international conservation bodies including the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Rhino Ark, Colobus Conservation and the Mara Predator Conservation Programme, in 2021 the Scotts launched their own non-profit, the Sacred Nature Initiative. As talented artists who love to draw – their pen-and-ink drawings have illustrated many of their books and been published as limited-edition prints – the Scotts consider the Sacred Nature Safari Colouring Book a perfect way for them to share their love and passion for Africa’s wildlife while highlighting threats to its existence. Part of the proceeds from sales will benefit Sacred Nature Initiative projects.

Additional Information

Table of Contents

1. David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage: Filming Elephant Diaries
2. Common Wildebeest on migration
3. Kike the Cheetah
4. Maasai Giraffe and calf
5. Spotted Hyena and cubs
6. The Marsh Pride: White Eye drinking
7. Mother Maasai giraffe and newborn calf
8. Elephant family
9. Common Wildebeest and new born calf
10. Maasai Giraffe bulls necking
11. Maasai Herdsmen
12. Male Plains Zebras
13. Lappett-Faced Vultures
14. Male African buffalos
15. Common Warthogs
16. Elephant Portrait
17. African Wild Dogs: mother and puppies
18. Female Leopard at Mara Buffalo Rocks den site
19. Ground Hornbills
20. Yearling African Wild Dog playing with puppy
21. Lion and lioness
22. Toto the Cheetah Cub
23. Martial Eagle
24. Maasai Herdsmen and Cattle
25. Plains Zebras
26. Grey Crowned Cranes
27. Rothschild’s Giraffe: Giraffe Manor
28. Male Cheetah’s alert
29. Klipspringer antelopes
30. Lioness carrying cub
31. Scarface and young lioness mating
32. Male Kori Bustard displaying
33. Lilac-breasted Roller
34. Angolan Colobus Monkeys
35. Cheetah mother and cubs crossing the Mara River
36. Half-Tail the Leopard and cubs
37. Mother Impala and calf
38. Chui the Leopard (Bella’s son)
39. African Civet Cat
40. Leopard Cubs at Mara Buffalo Rocks den site
41. Male Defassa Waterbuck
42. Spotted Hyenas scent marking grass stems
43. Female Olive Baboon and young
44. Hot Air Balloon and Maasai Giraffes
45. Jonathan and Angela at tented camp on safari
46. Male impala’s alert close to female herd
47. Male Lions in Selous GR with dead trees
48. Female Black Rhino
49. Male Plains Zebra and Oxpeckers (Yellow-billed on left – Red-billed on right)
50. Male Hippo yawning threat display
51. Topi Antelopes
52. Maasai Warrior and elder