North Korea

by Henry Marr 

North Korea Travel Guide – Expert holiday tips and advice including Pyongyang monuments and historical sites, visas and trip planning, history, culture and etiquette. Also featuring historical information for typical itinerary sites, Mass Games, Panmunjon, natural history, Myohyangsan, Kumgansan, Chilbosan, Pyongsong, Rason, Wonsan and DMZ.

Published:  19th Dec 2018
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Number of pages:  272
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About this book

This new edition of Bradt’s North Korea has been completely written from scratch and remains the only standalone guide to what is often regarded as the world’s most secretive state, a place never far from media scrutiny but about which very little is actually known in the wider world. Detailed is everything you need to know for a successful visit, from the practicalities of how to get there and who to go with to cultural sensitivities and etiquette, safety, money and travelling around. Amongst the places covered are the supra-centrally planned showcase capital of Pyongyang; Panmunjom, where North meets South face-to-face inside the 4km-wide DMZ – the dividing line between two nations and one people; Kumgansan Tourist Resort, the chiefly South Korean-built resort offering fantastic hikes; and Paektusan, the highest peak in all of Korea and Manchuria.
For the intrepid and open-minded traveller North Korea is a truly mesmerising destination with a rich past and fascinating contemporary history. Visitors today are immersing themselves in an unrivalled experience in what is seemingly the last country in the world not to have submitted to globalisation, the last country still clinging on to the 20th century experiment in communism that for all others crumbled away shortly after the collapse of the Berlin Wall.
Outside of the showcase socialist paradise of Pyongyang, visitors will find stunning natural scenery, from beautiful coastline and beaches to spectacular mountains, such as legendary Paektusan. Whilst many hold the ill-conceived notion that a visit to North Korea may not be safe, the reality is that visitors are warmly welcomed and still considered more as ‘guests of the state’ than as mere tourists.
Written by expert author Henry Marr, who first visited North Korea in 2005 and has since been back more than twenty times, Bradt’s North Korea is an indispensable guide to understanding and getting to know one of the world’s most curious destinations.

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About the Author

Henry Marr’s love affair with travel to the more unusual parts of Asia began at the age of 18, when he spent a month mountaineering in Kazakhstan. After a summer living in Tbilisi, his next adventure culminated with him spending two years in Ulaanbaatar, where his next-door neighbour was Mongolia’s first (and only) cosmonaut. Seeking employment Henry returned to the UK and now lives outside London, where he satisfies his wanderlust by planning, promoting and escorting tours to niche destinations such as Abkhazia, Nagorno Karabagh and, of course, his true forte, North Korea.


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Additional Information

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Background Information
Geography, Climate, Natural history & conservation, History, Government & politics, Economy, People & culture, Language, Education, Religion, Art & architecture.
Chapter 2 Practical Information
When to visit, Highlights, Suggested itineraries, Tour operators, Red tape, Embassies, Getting there and away, Health, Safety, Women travellers, Gay & lesbian travellers, Travelling with kids, What to take, Money, Budgeting, Getting around, Accommodation, Eating & drinking, Public holidays & festivals, Shopping, Arts & entertainment, Photography, Media & communications, Business, Cultural etiquette, Travelling positively

Chapter 3 Pyongyang
History, getting there, Getting around, Tourist information, Orientation, What to see, Where to stay, Where to eat, Entertainment & nightlife, Shopping, Sports & activities, Other practicalities
Chapter 4 North Hwanghae & Kaesong
Sariwon, Kaesong, Panmunjom & the DMZ
Chapter 5 South Hwanghae
Haeju, Sinchon, Mt. Kuwol
Chapter 6 South Pyongan
Nampo, Pyongsong, Anju, Hoechang
Chapter 7 North Pyongan
Mt Myohyang, Sinuiju, Tongrim
Chapter 8 Chagang
Chapter 9 Kangwon & Kumgangsan
Masikryong, Wonsan, Mt. Kumgang
Chapter 10 South Hamgyong
Hamhung, Hungnam, Pujon,
Chapter 11 Ryanggang
Samjiyon, Mt. Paekdu, Pochon, Taehongdan
Chapter 12 North Hamgyong
Chongjin, Mt. Chilbo, Orang & Kyongsong, Hoeryong
Chapter 13 Rason

Further info
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