Irresponsible Traveller

by Ben Fogle,  Michael Palin,  Jonathan Scott,  Hilary Bradt,  Simon King   and  Simon Calder

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The Irresponsible Traveller – Travel literature collection of travels gone awry including stories by top travel writers and celebrities on the roads less travelled. This guide includes tales by Michael Palin, Ben Fogle and Simon Calder as well as other stories of adventurous, off-the-beaten-track travels, ideal holiday reading, travel inspiration.

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ISBN: 9781841625621

Published:  10th Sep 2014
Size:  130 X 198 mm
Edition:  1
Number of pages:  240
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About this book

Publishing to coincide with Bradt’s 40th anniversary, The Irresponsible Traveller is a light but edgy collection of travellers’ tales. Travel writers and celebrities alike recount their exciting, and often dangerous, adventures which include being chased by a sea lion, accosted by Brazilian kidnappers and a midnight raid to free turtles on the Amazon. Over 40 years Bradt has built a reputation for publishing books covering the road less travelled, and this collection celebrates exactly the sort of writing and storytelling about ‘unusual’ travel experiences that has helped to establish the company as a firm favourite amongst adventurous travellers. Featuring contributions from Hilary Bradt, Michael Palin, Ben Fogle and Jonathan Scott, the title is a perfect tome to dip in and out of.


‘A fitting way to celebrate this intrepid publisher’s 40th anniversary’
Wanderlust Magazine

‘A tongue-in-cheek collection covering disasters that have happened to travel writers – but did not make it into the official guidebooks.’

‘These stories are not the stuff travel brochures are made of, and are all the truer for it.’
National Geographic Traveller

‘One of the most delightful travel books to be published in a generation. It reminds us that the joy of travel lies in the thrill of discovery when things, thankfully, don’t go to plan.’
Travel Africa Magazine