Fakirs, Feluccas and Femmes Fatales (ebook)

Tales from an incidental traveller

by E T Laing 

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Fakirs, Feluccas and Femmes Fatales – Travel literature and holiday reads by E T Laing featuring adventures and brief encounters while working in seventy countries. This book includes travel highs and lows, from dangerous war zones in Sierra Leone and Angola and near-death experiences in India to the pleasures of solo travel and cultural exchange.

Published:  03rd Jul 2012
Edition:  1

About this book

This is a unique collection of brief encounters and adventures from working in seventy countries – a kaleidoscope of landscapes, sounds, smells, politics, humour dialogue and, above all, people. E T Laing recounts episodes that include a Chinese Red Guard reminiscing about the day her parents were hauled in front of her to be sentenced; unreconstructed Russian apparatchiks; and sailors on a Turkmenistan ferry knocking back vodka.

A warts-and-all account of the author’s travels, with disasters and miseries alongside the high points, he takes you to danger zones, wars of startling savagery in Sierra Leone, Pakistan and Angola, coups and dubious elections. He narrowly avoids death in India, Mexico and Nigeria. In other episodes he simply savours the pleasures of travelling alone. As the author says, ‘Nothing sharpens the understanding more than seeing things done ten different ways in ten different countries.’

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About the Author

ET Laing’s career in ports and shipping has taken him around the world for over forty years. Educated at Oxford University he lives with his family in London.


‘…ideal for those with an avid interest in travelling, politics or history. Laing’s work can only be described as an occasional but very enjoyable read. Essentially, if you’ve used up your air miles for 2012, this book is the ideal armchair travel read to take you on a metaphorical holiday.’
Hampstead and Highgate Express

‘… a good choice for a commute…. some tales of note are ‘Nigeria’ and ‘The Taj Mahal Intercontinental Mumbai’ …sure to grip you wherever you happen to read them. E.T. Laing proves that every port has a story – and each one of them worth telling.’
Wanderlust magazine

Additional Information

Table of Contents

1. Dubai
2. The Taj Mahal Intercontinental, Mumbai
3. Eritrea
4. Nigeria
5. Hong Kong
6. South Africa
7. China
8. Memories of Tasmania
9. Belize
10. West Pakistan
11. Sunset in Croatia
12. Moscow in 1971
13. Angola
14. Albania
15. Georgia
16. Russia in the 1990s
17. Bangladesh
18. Mexico
19. Mumbai
20. Night Flight
21. Hash House Harriers
22. The Philippines