The Irish Continent

A Ramble in South America

by Michael Lynch 

Travelogue exploring Irish roots and connections in South America – travels through Buenos Aires, Valparaíso, Santiago, Asunción and Santa Cruz. Reveals a lesser-known aspect of Irish history.

Published:  02nd Mar 2021
Size:  130 X 198 mm
Edition:  1
Number of pages:  264
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ISBN: 9781784778330
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About this book

In The Irish Continent Michael Lynch explores the little-known Irish roots to be found all across South America. A short holiday turns into a seven-month extended stay as he digs deeper into this unexpected heritage. Along the way he almost gets caught up in a riot in Santiago, experiences a football match in Buenos Aires, takes a day-long trip across the desert from Asunción to Santa Cruz, and meets an elderly Argentinian woman who speaks with a curiously Irish accent. This entertaining travelogue, touching on an unsung part of Irish history, reveals a very personal connection to South America and looks at the continent through fresh eyes.

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About the Author

Michael Lynch was born and brought up in County Tipperary, Ireland. In his mid-twenties, he left to travel around Australia, but stopped off in London on the way and took a while to get any further (he has since made it to Australia, although London remains his base). Always interested in Irish history, his time living away from his home country resulted in an interest in the history of the Irish abroad. In 2011, in between I.T. contracts, Lynch decided on a two-month to visit South America. This turned into a seven-month trip, as he was bitten by the travel bug. While there , he uncovered links to Ireland previously unknown to him. This provided a theme for his journey and guided, intermittently, his direction of travel.

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