Dingle Peggy

Further travels on horseback through Ireland

by Hilary Bradt 

Publication Date:  28th Jun 2013

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Dingle Peggy – Holiday reads and travel literature by Hilary Bradt about further long-distance horseriding travels in Ireland, part memoir and cultural history. This narrative follows the adventures of Bradt and her new pony, Peggy, into Counties Waterford, Tipperary and Limerick, exploring the rural landscapes on an inspiring journey.

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ISBN: 9781841628950

Published:  28th Jun 2013
Edition:  1

About this book

The continuation of the journey on horseback through the west Ireland described in Connemara Mollie. With her replacement pony, Peggy, the author travels from the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, south down the coast of Co. Cork, before turning inland through Counties Waterford, Tipperary and Limerick. As with its predecessor, the story is both a portrait of Ireland and its inhabitants in 1984, and the growing bond between the author and her pony. Both needed to confront their fears: Peggy was used to pulling a cart and hated going cross country, while Hilary’s confidence was shattered by her experience in the mountains of Kerry with Mollie. But all ends well.

“When she felt soft turf beneath her hooves instead of tarmac Peggy stopped dead in astonishment. Oh brave new world! Without her accustomed blinkers she could see mountains and sky – except that if she wanted to look at something above her she tilted her head sideways to peep under the imaginary blinkers while keeping her neck resolutely horizontal. It was very endearing and made me laugh out loud.”

About the Author

Hilary Bradt is well known as the founder of Bradt Travel Guides and a writer of articles and guidebooks.


‘What sets this delightful book apart is the rider’s relationship with this fabulous pony’.
Good Book Guide

‘It is an entertaining and inspiring account of a solo journey through a wild and beautiful landscape… you will want to pack your bags to explore the area yourself.’
Horse Magazine

‘This memoir is an inspiring adventure that is beautifully interwoven with fascinating cultural history.’
Wanderlust Magazine

Additional Information

Table of Contents

Prologue ix
Chapter 1 1
Chapter 2 18
Chapter 3 33
Chapter 4 49
Chapter 5 66
Chapter 6 82
Chapter 7 94
Chapter 8 110
Chapter 9 122
Epilogue 138