Chinese Wildlife

by Martin Walters 

Chinese Wildlife Guide – expert tips on wildlife spotting and birdwatching in China, including habitats, endemic species, conservation, reserves and accessibility. Covers when to visit, photography, the best places to see pandas, regional guides including the Tibetan Plateau and detailed species-specific information.

Published:  11th Mar 2022
Size:  135 X 216 mm
Edition:  2
Number of pages:  208
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About this book

China is a huge country, with remarkably varied and unusual wildlife. This fully updated second edition of Bradt’s visitor’s wildlife guide provides a colourful introduction to the mammals, birds, reptiles and other wildlife for which the area is renowned, together with an insight into their habits and habitats, and an indication of where they are likely to be seen. Accessible and beautifully illustrated, the guide will appeal both to the first-time visitor and to the serious naturalist seeking a compact volume to carry around. And after the trip, it will also make a great souvenir.
New for this second edition are coverage of the new Giant Panda National Park, the recovery of the Yunnan snub-nosed monkey, whose numbers have increased from around 1,000 to over 3,000, the huge increase in protected areas on both land and sea, and the increased protection in several large reserves for the chiru or Tibetan antelope, notably in Kekexili World Heritage Reserve.
Also included are 10 maps focusing on major landscape features and habitats, as well as specific habitat regions such as desert, high plateau, lowland and wetland, and mountain, forest and grassland. All major animal groups are covered, as are habitats and plant life, and there are features on special topics such as medicinal plants, rare cranes and panda country. There are also practical tips for the visitor on where and when to go, and around 200 photographs illustrating the most interesting species from some of the country’s finest photographers.

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About the Author

Martin Walters is a writer, editor and naturalist, based in Cambridge. He studied zoology at Oxford and has had a lifelong interest in birds, botany, natural history and conservation. Fascinated by China’s natural history, he makes regular visits and, working with local biologists, he has access to the latest information on China’s biodiversity and nature reserves.

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Table of Contents

Landscape, habitats and plant life
General landscape features, Habitats, Plant life
Carnivores, Hoofed mammals, Elephants, Primates, Small mammals, Dolphins, seals and sirenians
Seabirds and waterbirds, Birds of prey (raptors), Ground birds, Near-passerines, Passerines (perching birds)
Reptiles, amphibians and fish
Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish
Butterflies and moths, Beetles, bugs, spiders and others
Making the most of it
When to go, What to take, Health and safety, Watching for wildlife, Photographing natural China
Where to go
Conservation and nature reserves, Regions and sites: Desert region of northwest China, High plateau region of west China, Mountain, forest and grassland region of north China, Lowland and wetland region of east China, Mountain and forest region of central China, Mountain and forest region of south China, Mountains of southwest China, Tropical region of south China
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