Cameroon (ebook)

by Ben West 

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Cameroon Travel Guide – Holiday advice and expert travel tips featuring Yaoundé highlights, accommodation and local cuisine, ecotourism, wildlife and natural history. Also covering Douala and Garoua hotels and restaurants, Mount Cameroon, Waza National Park, Mefou Primate Sanctuary, history and architecture, forest reserves and mountain villages.

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ISBN: 9781841625393

Published:  15th Jul 2011
Edition:  3

About this book

With ancient chiefdoms tucked between terraced fields and volcanic mountains, Mount Cameroon – Africa’s highest peak, the impressive Waza National Park with its herds of elephants, and the coast’s sleepy palm-fringed beaches, Cameroon has no shortage of attractions, yet it somehow fails to be a tourist haunt. The only full-length, English-language guide, this book contains essential information on nature, culture and staying healthy plus practical details like getting around and accommodation options in the city and countryside. It includes details of wildlife and bird sites, ancient tribal kingdoms, colourful trading towns, ‘pygmy’ hunting camps and even where to see the endangered lowland gorilla.

About the Author

Ben West writes on travel for newspapers and magazines. Travel writing has taken him to more than 20 countries, including six in Africa. His first trip to Cameroon in 1986 netted him four tropical diseases.


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Background Information
Chapter 2 Natural History
Chapter 3 Planning your Trip
Chapter 4 Travelling in Cameroon
Chapter 5 Health
Chapter 6 Littoral Province
Chapter 7 Southwest Province
Chapter 8 West Province
Chapter 9 Northwest Province
Chapter 10 Centre Province
Chapter 11 South Province&
Chapter 12 East Province
Chapter 13 Adamawa Province
Chapter 14 North Province
Chapter 15 Exreme North Province
Appendix 1 Language
Appendix 2 Charitable Organisations Working in Cameroon
Appendix 3 Birding Site Guide
Appendix 4 Further Information