by Chris Wallace 

Publication Date:  16th Feb 2017


About this book

Immense, intense and dramatic, Argentina is a land of contrasts. From sophisticated Buenos Aires, home to grand baroque buildings and the mysteries of the tango, to the lush, jungled Iguazu Falls, down to the incredible frozen landscapes of Patagonia, Footprint’s Argentina Handbook will ensure you discover the best of this incredible and varied country.
* Great coverage of sights and activities, from the plazas and vineyards of Mendoza to wild and icy Ushuaia
* Packed with information and suggestions on how to get off the beaten track from prehistoric cave art to Welsh teamrooms
* Includes comprehensive information on everything from transport and practicalities to history, culture and landscape
* Plus advice on where to stay, eating and drinking listings for every budget
* Full-colour planning section to inspire you and help you find the best experiences
From the colourful houses of La Boca to the crystalline waters around Bariloche, Footprint’s fully updated 8th edition will help you navigate this elegant and atmospheric country.

About the Author

Chris Wallace has been travelling through, and writing about, Central and South America since 2004. He has lived in Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Peru. He has spent long weekends at family fincas in Antioquia, travelled along both ends of the Amazon river, failed at tango classes in Buenos Aires, and made frequent escapes to Valparaiso to receive the palliative benefits of coastal air and electric pink sunsets. He has tailored travel and tourism content for entrepreneurs and publishers alike, having covered events as grand and life affirming as Barranquilla’s Carnival festival on some days while dealing with tragic history by writing about Argentina’s Dirty War on others. More than 10 years in, he feels he’s barely scratched the surface of what this continent has to offer.

Additional Information

Table of Contents

1) Planning your trip
2) Buenos Aires
3) Buenos Aires province
4) Cordoba & Central Sierras
5) Mendoza & the West
6) Northwest Argentina
7) Northeast Argentina
8) Lake District 9) Patagonia
10) Chilean Patagonia
11) Tierra del Fuego
12) Background
13) Practicalities
14) Footnotes