Get into the swing of calypso

Calypso ‘tents’ (knock-out competitions) take place throughout the month in the build up to Carnival and the Calypso Monarch Final. Raucous, humorous and loud, these popular events can draw huge crowds.


Jump up to the Real Mas 

Roseau’s Carnival, the Real Mas, fills the streets of the capital with sound and colour on the Monday and Tuesday following Ash Wednesday. Carnival Queen, costume bands, sensay, la peau cawbrit, bwa bwa, jump-up and J’Ouvert are sure to get you chipping with the throng.


A fond farewell to Carnival 

Tewe Vaval,  the sacrificial burning of the carnival spirit, takes place on Ash Wednesday in the villages of Dublanc and Bataca. A ceremonial Carnival coffin is carried through the village streets and burned on a pyre. And then another party breaks out!


A whale of a time 

Whales are resident off Dominica’s coastline all year round and April is a great time to see them. Operators run several trips a week and boast impressive dolphin and sperm whale sighting success.


Calling all culture vultures!

DOMFESTA (Dominica Festival of the Arts) fills the month of May with cultural events across the island. Take in traditional dancing, arts, crafts, drama, music and song.


Bag a volcano 

With the cruise ship season over and the rainy season yet to begin, June is a great time to climb some of Dominica’s volcanic peaks with awesome views almost guaranteed.


Time to get wet 

Dominica’s annual Dive Fest offers a chance to get your first taste of scuba diving. As well as instructor-led pool and shallow water lessons, there are also underwater treasure hunts, sunset cruises, photo competitions and the traditional Kalinago canoe race (followed by yet another party) in Soufriere Bay.


Caribbean words and power

Emancipation events in August include the Nature Island Literary Festival and Book Fair with guest poets and writers from across the Caribbean region. Open mic interludes give everyone a chance to share their work and workshop sessions offer interactive fun in all kinds of literary genres.


Mabrika! Dominica’s Kalinago welcome you

Each September, Kalinago Week showcases the island’s indigenous Amerindian heritage with traditional dance, larouma basketware displays, cassava bread making and much more. Head to the Kalinago Barana Autê in Crayfish River.


Enjoy the traditions of the Creole season 

October is a month full of Creole cultural events, regular costume parades, Madame Wob Dwyet competitions and lots of great food. Culminating in Creole Week, the month ends with four days of music and dance at Creole In The Park and the three night World Creole Music Festival.


A time for celebration

The Creole festivities conclude with Independence Day celebrations on 3 November, followed by Community Day Of Service, where people pull together for a day to improve their village, fix up roads, or help out someone in need. Islanders wave goodbye to the hurricane season and tour operators have broad smiles as cruise ships begin calling again.


Hike into Christmas 

Time to clear the cobwebs, clean the boots and get hiking again. With cruise ship visitors on the easy trails this is a time for big treks like the Boiling Lake or the Wai’tukubuli National Trail. Christmas arrives with no build-up and is a quiet affair for families to come together, take a deep breath and get ready to start all over again.

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