The next thing I knew I was on the international Trans-Siberian Railway en route to Ulaanbaatar; the first leg of my journey had begun, and a long love affair followed.

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Mongolia is a fabulous wide-open land of extreme climate and extraordinary natural environment: it is the home of wild horses, of nomads herding cashmere goats, sheep, horses and camels; it is one of the last great undisturbed wilderness areas on earth. Participate in some of Mongolia’s cultural traditions, attend a Naadam (games), take a turn at milking a yak or ride out with a party of Kazakh eagle hunters.

Discover the history behind this incredible country, from prehistoric times to when Genghis Khan and his descendants established one of the world’s largest land empires in the 12th century. Witness modern Mongolia emerge with many of its ancient traditions intact, alongside mining activities that have already transformed the capital, Ulaanbaatar, and some of parts of this vast country. Enjoy Mongolia’s wildlife, mountains, rivers and streams from horseback, or when driving and hiking under clear blue skies. Experience camping in the countryside or stay in the comfort of a modern Mongolian ger camp. Whatever you do, you are sure to leave this beautiful place with a sense of wonder and a desire to return as soon as possible.

Jane Blunden

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