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Interview with Mike Unwin

We chat to eSwatini author Mike Unwin about his experiences in the tiny African kingdom. 

Traditional arts: statues and masks

Author Sean Connolly explores the unique features and religious background of Gabon’s famous mask and statue art.

Forest-based communities

Gabon’s indigenous forest-based communities, the so-called ‘Pygmies’, are located throughout the country and continue to face discrimination, as author Sean Connolly explains. 


Author Sean Connolly describes the traditional beliefs and practices of Bwiti, the most widespread male secret society in Gabon.

Interview with Marco Muscarà

We chat to Marco Muscarà, an Italian freelance photographer, whose images feature in our São Tomé, Paraguay and Cape Verde guides.

Estonian food

With a wide range of foreign restaurants opening all over the country, Estonia is far more gastronomically diverse than ever before. Maila…

Tallinn in 1960

Michael Bordeaux describes evocative memories of Tallinn in 1960, the year Estonia opened to Western visitors. 

Chess in Armenia

For a small country of only three million inhabitants, Armenia has a remarkably high standing in the world of chess.

Armenian churches

As author Deirdre Holding explains, Armenia’s long Christian history means that the country has a wealth of ancient churches and monasteries, many…

Armenian cross-stones – a Celtic connection?

Author Deirdre Holding discusses the possibility of a connection between the Armenian cross-stones and Celtic artefacts.

Climbing the Pico de São Tomé

Author Kathleen Becker describes her eventful first ascent of Pico de São Tomé.

Taking the plunge in São Tomé

Author Kathleen Becker describes her first ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ session ­­– a truly magical experience.

São Tomé’s ‘maroon’ community: the Angolares

Gerhard Seibert and Paulo Alves Pereira explore the mystery surrounding how the Angolares people came to be on the island. 


Designated a ‘foreign terrorist organisation’ by the US, Hezbollah continues to be one of the most enduring and high-profile aspects of modern Lebanese…

The giant coconut crab

The giant coconut crab is the world's largest crustacian.

Cichlids of Lago Niassa

In Lago Niassa (Lake Malawi), over 850 fish species have been recorded.

Gorongosa’s birds

Keith Barnes and Josh Engel discuss the spectacular birdwatching diversity of Gorongosa National Park.


The trek between Landmannalaugar and Thórsmörk is one every Icelander walks at least once in their lifetime.

Reykjavík Streetwise

A selection of brief descriptions of places in Reykjavík, to help put some context to your wanderings.

The African elephant

Almost everything about this animal is extraordinary.

Return of the rhino

Learn how rhinos are making a return to Botswana after being hunted almost to extinction in the 20th century.

To the end of the earth and beyond

Author Murray Stewart describes an adventurous ride along Santo Antão’s precipitous roads. 

Sal Rei’s township – the other side of tourism

Author Murray Stewart delves into the history of Sal Rei’s impoverished township, Boa Esperança.

A bird’s-eye view of love

Authors Aisling Irwin and Colum Wilson discuss amorous avian behaviour in Cape Verde.

Sheikh Safi Mausoleum

Take a tour of Sheikh Safi's beautiful tomb in Ardabil. 

When the lion roars

Jonathan and Angela Scott discuss the future of tourism in Kenya and the challenges facing the country, its people and wildlife. 

West African cowboys

The village of Barani has given itself a lifeline by reaching out to its equine heritage.


With paintings, bronze, pottery and handmade drums, Siao is a continent-wide artisanal extravaganza.

Millet beer

Authors Katrina Mason and James Knight explain the process behind the manufacture of Burkina’s beer of choice.

The ‘Super Eagles’

The last 50 years of Nigerian international football history explored.

African music traditions

Celebrate World Music Day ( and learn about Africa's music traditions.  

Eating curds and whey

Rosie Whitehouse, author of our Liguria guide, discusses the flourishing artisan food industries in the Monte Sibillini region. 

The Nubians

Authors Sophie and Max Lovell-Hoare explore the history of the Nubian people.

Jebel Marra

David Else describes the extinct volcano of Jebel Marra.

Jacques Cousteau’s underwater experiment

The authors explain the fascinating history behind Sudan’s most famous diving site.

Interview with David Horwell

David Horwell, author of our Galápagos Wildlife guide, discusses the islands and his travel highlights. 

Rwanda: 20 years on

Janice Booth talks of how far Rwanda has come since the genocide of 1994.

Lessons in bush travel

After their car breaks down, two men come face to face with the real dangers of the Zambian bush 

Elephant Orphanage Project

Learn how you can get involved in this rescue organisation, which aims to rehabilitate elephants after poaching incidents.

Chilli fences

Author Chris McIntyre explains how researchers have attempted to bridge the conflict between conservation and community.

Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate

Author Mike Bagshaw pays a visit to the cookery school of this Yorkshire institution.

The return of the peregrine falcon

Mike Bagshaw discusses the comeback of this magnificent bird.